I never really knew what that means but I think it's a call for help! SOS...Help... my crafts have taken over my house. This is what you see if you come to the back door. Be careful.... they are wet!

Dont think about getting a after school snack out of the fridge.... they are still wet!

Use the bathroom sink please.... cant you kids see that they are still wet!

What's for dinner you ask?....ask Dad! They are on top of the stove and I cant move them cause they are still wet!

Nope... cant use any pots for Mac n cheese.

Ahhhh... these are almost done. Just waiting for their ribbons...

"doorbell rings".... tell em' to go to the backdoor.... just be careful cause they are.... I know MOM!!!! wet. GAH!!!

I wish Dad would build you a craft room so you wouldnt take up the whole house with your craft junk.... ME too!!

Has anyone seen my socks?

Did you dig in the pile?

I love fall!! Really I Maybe just one day after these sweet precious children of mine grow up and move out I can have a room to call my own.... Ahhhhh


  1. Hi Susie,
    Then you will want them back...I promise!

    Love the crafts in your pictures. The plaques look great!

  2. these are beautiful..
    and the story too...
    my crafts are not all "art".. like yours..
    but my story is still the same..
    they are wet..
    =P.. ther are everywhere..
    and the other oarts of the house..
    and the pile part..
    I rofl..
    thanks for the share..

  3. Loved the "real" story behind the creations. Every single one of us can relate. Your creations were beautiful by the way. : )

  4. Morning Susie,

    They all look BEAUTIFUL!! The things you have to do to get them made.......

    I don't even sell crafts and I tend to have stuff everywhere when I am working on crafting stuff.

  5. Oh, my goodness, Susie. You sound like me. I was just talking to my husband last night about needing "just one more room" for my craft and homeschooling supplies. But then I wonder if I'll find a need for "just one more room" after that.

    I LOVE all the plaques! Are you taking them to a show, a shop, or etsy? Oh by the way, I got my little fall birdie. She is SOOOO cute. I have her hanging on my hutch in the dining room. Thanks so much. I need to head over to etsy and leave you feedback.

    Take care!

  6. I love your artwork. I wish that God had blessed me with such talent. Still haven't figured out what my talent is - LOL -. Fun post.

  7. I have two rooms like that (children gone) and it can be a very lonely thing! Enjoy piling that stuff everywhere. Jackie

  8. My house is a bit like that at the moment too! Material squares lying around, painting gear in the hallway, dirty washing piled up. I'm in the middle of a big project at the moment (painting the girls' bedroom)which is taking up all my time, so to make things easier I made up a job roster for the girls to help with the house. Just mainly doing the washing up after breakfast and lunch and folding the clean washing at the end of the day, but it makes things a lot easier not feeling like I have to do EVERYTHING.

  9. That's hilarious! And your plaques are so beautiful.

    Loved those pictures of your daughter from yesterday. She makes the most adorable nerd.

  10. Oh Susie Q, you are living my life. It seems I'm always saying "don't touch, they're wet."
    You see mine are still small enough to like to touch everything. And of course, when the paint is out I always get, "Mommy I want to paint."

    "Nope you can't, these are going to someone else." And Caroline responds by telling me that "Mommy I can paint and sell mine too."

    Well at least she's creative enough to think she can sell her own. Because I would buy every stinking one of them.

  11. Beautiful Art! And funny

    Are they still wet?

  12. Everything looks great even with all the craft stuff all over....those are pretty by the way..

  13. Susie thats so funny! Those pictures remind me of my house when I am working on projects:) The pile of laundry thats an every week thing here(Ihate to fold clothes)lol The plaques look great! Good luck at your next show.

  14. LOL
    Thanks for the laugh! Do you have another big craft show event coming up or what?? :o)

  15. Your plaques are fantastic. They're gorgeous enough to have scattered all over the house!

  16. Your stuff is is always a dilemma where to create isn't it?

  17. So are you going to sell those plaques or tell us how to do them? I love them!!!

  18. I love the plaques!! I can't imagine making that many! Where is the craft show going to be???? You really do need a room for all your goodies.

  19. HI, those are great! Welcome to an artist life... ;) I've made my kids eat thier dinner on the floor because there was so much stuff on the table!

  20. This is hilarious, but despite that... there's a whole lot of cuteness happening here!!!

  21. I have stuff scattered everywhere too but mine is not as beautiful as yours.

  22. You have been busy!!! Isn't crafting so much fun!? :)

  23. I have to admit it--that "mess" looks pretty familiar! Crafts everywhere! However, that's a pretty beautiful mess you have! They look gorgeous!

  24. I have a study...but I don't it is about to have a makeover...craft room! Love your artwork!

  25. You're so cute! Your crafty things are really cute too. Hope you sell them out.

  26. Hi Susie!!! Oh my gosh, you have got to have a craft just have to.
    1. it would help keep the house clean
    2. you could get to the fridge
    3. you could CREATE even more, accomplish more, make MORE MONEY...
    4. you would have a place to go to work-after all you are making real money here....
    5. your kids could find their socks!!!
    There you have it!
    I love all your creativity, but let's face it...I'm sure Michelangelo had his paints and tools all over the chapel when he was painting...and people probably had to step over everything just to pray!!!

  27. It is hard to find room in a home for crafts. I think all of us bloggers can sympathize. I'm trying to build a craft space into our guest room, but I don't know how efficient that will be. We'll see. Love the pretty plaques.

  28. Veerrry funny. Great way to get out of cooking dinner!

    Love the pictures.


  29. i love that you are 'covered' in crafts! sooo funny...i tend to get that way, bc once i get started you know i'm not stopping!

  30. That was so funny! Your stuff looks great! Thanks for sharing -- Much Love

  31. Hi Susie, you've been a busy gal. Now that's a creative way to get out of having to cook dinner. At least it's an excuse I'd use as I hate cooking. :)
    ps. I sent you an email yesterday re: the rooster plaque. I used the email addy on your blog. If you didn't receive it, can you email me please?

  32. Amen to the glory of the craft room! Get that man to work! Beautiful goodies, as usual!

  33. LOL! Very funny post! You've done a lot! My stuff takes over the house too. I dream of having a craft room someday! Right now I'm working on creating a little craft space in the master bedroom.

    Your daughter's homecoming pics were so cute! She's a beautiful girl!

  34. I love your art work, do you sell on Etsy? I would love one of those so bad. I love your house, cool stuff. I like your plate disply "Nester" I see looks framiliar. Take Care, hope you do well.
    In Christ,

  35. LOL.....your kids will remember this all will laugh about your crafts at every Christmas celebration until .....forever...... my plaque (birds nest)...I will post it on my blog...soon!

  36. Those wet plaques are beautiful.
    They're probably dry by now - are they packed up yet? :)

  37. The plaques are so beautiful, Susie! Soon your babies will be gone, you'll have your extra room....but you will soooo miss thoses babies!

  38. This is a cute post...and so "real"! I love your plaques, by the way. :)

  39. I love this! Those look beautiful!

  40. Hi Susie,
    Hey no need to apologize for only getting over to my blog every once in a while! I know you are busy-I'm crazy busy too! I just appreciate the fact you do stop in every once in a while and say "Hi" Thank you!
    Tell your dad not to miss Washington too much-The weather is supposed to change Wednesday night and it is going to get cold and rainy for a long time! I think he is doing it just perfect coming here in the Summer and there in the Winter-Getting the best of both worlds~
    Love all the signs you are crafting!
    Take Care Susie~♥

  41. Too funny! I love the plaques!

  42. Oh, how fun. I think all of those goodies are headed to a craft festival my way. I can't wait to see them.

  43. I admire the passion you have for your craft. It's truly inspiring!

    The Lettered Cottage

  44. Will I see this at the Braodmore Craft Festivle? I am looking forward to it!! Seeing your stuff and that great Gumbo! Oh! How I hope it is cold weather!!

  45. How funny! I have to say I can relate!

  46. I will take one of each please! :) I cant wait until I move to my new house. I know that I will have a craft room and that makes me VERY, VERY, VERY happy!

  47. your artwork is awesome! how in the world do you do those?! OR, are they in your Etsy shop?!

  48. I thin that you should just kick them out. They could live outside, or maybe in the garage. Just tell them it's all a matter or priorities-crafts---or kids-I can so see the dilemma!
    So-why the large amout? Are you doing another show-did all of your other ones all sell out? (of course they did?) You are so good-I love the bird nests ones-I don't like to pick favs-but I really like that one! Makes me happy!

  49. LOL, Susie! Girl, you have been too busy! They are beautiful! I would love to have a craft room too! For now it is all over my kitchen anytime I do anything! ~Rhonda :)

  50. Oh I see you sell some on Etsy, You need to get more on Etsy though. So cute, I added your blog to my favorites you have some great ideas!!

  51. My friend,
    Thanks for making me feel normal!

    You are so incredibly talented.
    I wish you loads of luck in selling every single one so you'll have the space to make more, more, more.

  52. very funny - I don't have children but for some reason the same sort of things occur in our house with me crafting all over the place. I love the pictures you have made - OMG they are gorgeous! Are they going to be for sale on etsy or something??

    great post!

  53. S.O.S = SAVE OUR SHIP!
    Yup, craft season is upon us!!
    I've got both boys grown and out of our house and yet I've managed to infiltrate all rooms...minus the bathrooms...oops I forgot I was spray painting some lil doodas in there too. My ship may not be completely sinking ...but it's definitely taking on water. I better start paddling faster.LOL ;O
    Back to the gluegun,

    P.S. I sent a note through ETSY.Please let me know if you received it. or the gmail is okay too.

  54. You have really been busy!! And I agree, you need your own room!

  55. I just wanted to let you know that I attempted my own potted branches with nesting crows today. I had so much fun. I mentioned you on my get all the credit.


  56. What a cute post. I love your pictures.

  57. i love every single one of your artwork! i wish i can hav them all.

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