I never really knew what that means but I think it's a call for help! SOS...Help... my crafts have taken over my house. This is what you see if you come to the back door. Be careful.... they are wet!

Dont think about getting a after school snack out of the fridge.... they are still wet!

Use the bathroom sink please.... cant you kids see that they are still wet!

What's for dinner you ask?....ask Dad! They are on top of the stove and I cant move them cause they are still wet!

Nope... cant use any pots for Mac n cheese.

Ahhhh... these are almost done. Just waiting for their ribbons...

"doorbell rings".... tell em' to go to the backdoor.... just be careful cause they are.... I know MOM!!!! wet. GAH!!!

I wish Dad would build you a craft room so you wouldnt take up the whole house with your craft junk.... ME too!!

Has anyone seen my socks?

Did you dig in the pile?

I love fall!! Really I Maybe just one day after these sweet precious children of mine grow up and move out I can have a room to call my own.... Ahhhhh

Revenge of the nerds!

Yes! This is my precious daughter. Nerd day at school for Homecoming week. Remember those days? What fun to be a kid...

She had so much fun getting her Nerd on!

This is her homecoming hair... much better than the day before

Kaylee and her date Britton were such a cute couple. It's all about friends these days. Not sure if anyone goes " steady " anymore. He sure was playing his part, hehe

Kay and a few friends before the dance..

Pretty Feet!!!

and pretty flowers.

This is the whole group.... very sweet kids I might add!

So pretty... my kid had to be the shortest... I know where she gets that from.

Outside at The Cabin where we had supper

The food was great and the kids were very well behaved. Not one went to the dance. They all went to a party instead?? Not sure why they even have a dance any longer but they do. So now you know why I have been a bit busy spending a small fortune. I think I could have fed a small counrty on what I spent on her this weekend. Im just trying to enjoy every second because I know it fly by way too fast! I will be busy this week getting ready for a show coming up very soon. Fall is always a very busy time for us.... but fun!


I finally got around to dressing my front doors for fall. White pumpkins and still my heart!

Because of double doors I have to make two of everything. That can get $$$$.

As you know I dont glue so I can re..use.

I pulled out my Easter flowers and in goes the fall! I do use those green florist sticks. They are the best! You can get them at Walmart.

So this is what you see if you come to my front door...

Here are a few plaques that yall saw at my craft show. I listed these yesterday..

Thank you Lord!

This one reminds me of a barn you would see in Texas.. Love it!

I also added a few new tassels that I made yesterday..

This sweetie reminds me of Miss Shelia's baby Chloe Dawn and my Sister's baby... Max!

And last but not least... a Yorkie just like mine....

Monster Moss....

If you have been following my crazy blog then you know I love MOSS! You can do so much with the stuff. I use it year round. Green in the fall? Yes indeed! It's monster moss... I just stuck it on top an old pot..added my favorite ribbon

You would know... Mr Crow decided to show up again!

A few of you asked about the plaques that I make. I did sell a couple on etsy. I have plenty to list so if yall would like to see them just let me know. As far as special orders ... I wont be able to take any at this time because I will be so busy getting ready for a show coming up. So keep checking and I will try to list a few today. Also a few of you asked about the tassels in Branson. My Mom works at a craft mall there. Im not sure of the name because I have yet to visit the store. I mailed them straight to her. Im thinking it's on the strip but to be honest I really am not sure. She has only worked there for a couple months. So I sent her a few to give it a try. I really dont like selling that way. Weird.. I know. I like to sell face to face or through etsy... I like knowing who is getting them. It's more fun that way. Hope yall have a great day!

The Show and A Suprise

We had a great time at Diamondhead. We got there friday and checked in and helped ourself to one sweet buffet. Got to the show early and it started great!

I didnt bring any of my tassels because I was sold out! I sent a batch to Branson for a gift shop. What I did bring was some of my copper and my plaques. They all sold well...

The sun was out long enough to make me squint for this horrible picture. Sorry yall. I do have eyeballs you just cant see em'... I got all of my hair cut off the day before Gus came to town. I wanted to have a cute shot of me taken to show yall my new look. This is the first time I have ever cut my hair this short.Sorry you had to see it in this shape. Me and humidity do not mix well. My hair grows two sizes.. No kidding! Not long after the horror shot of me was taken the sky fell out. We did have enough time to get the car loaded before we floated away. Sorry to say but we didnt stay another night. We decided to just head on home. All in all it was a great show!

When I got home I went straight to my mailbox to find this suprise!!! Thank you Heather!!! My weekend was just improved when I opended this package and found this treasure.

She is such a sweetheart to make this just for me. It smelled soooo good when I opened it.. and look at that ribbon! Candy corn! Heather knows my heart..
Thank you Heather for the suprise and the beautiful heart. I will treasure it!

All packed up

Im so exicited cause Saturday I get to go to Diamondhead for their craft show.

I dont think I could jam one more thing into this car... well maybe one more!

While we were packing it started to sprinkle a bit..doesnt it know it's not supposed to do that on craft days..

One stop before we head out. The post office to mail those sweet tassels some of you are waiting for...thank you!

I must not forget a good read for the ride. Gotta get somemore ideas to share with all of you! Hope to see some of you there and if you mention that you are my blogger friend you know you will get a very good deal, smile. Wish me luck!!

A Little Louis Vuitton and a clean closet.... I cleaned my closet and a few others. What I got was bags of stuff for the Goodwill..

Some of the clothes are really good but I just hate to mess with ebay and a garage sale... So off to Goodwill I go... BUT..

I just couldnt put this in the give a way bag...

I know..I know.. it's just a purse right?

But it's a sweet louie....

So I thought I would show yall my sweet dear friend. He has seen his days.. I just couldnt drop him off to a stranger so I thought why not see if he is worth anything to one of yall..

His straps look good on the outside but on the inside where he hugged me so tight is a bit worn...still love him

See his little number

Ahhh Louie Louie

He has spent his days well and his insides show it. A few holes and some ink spots... but He can still be loved...

His little bottom got bumped but he is still sweet Louie..
So what do you think... Should I put him in the bag and look away or is there someone out there that wants to bid on louie? If you think he looks too bad and just needs to go straight to the ((trash)) let me know..but shhh I dont want him to know. So just leave me a comment. I have never sold my old stuff before but you just never know. Some of my favorite treasures were others peoples junk...
I do have some errands to run today so if you have a question about Louie I may be a couple hours getting back to ya. Have fun!