You Dont want to Miss This...

Ok girls... It's time to do some Fall cleaning in my Etsy shop. I want to add some new tassels but would like to make some room. Here's your chance to go shopping!

This black and white damask tassel was 30.00 NOW ** 24.00**

Just look at how long this tassel is... ONLY...15.00

Sorry Mr. Rooster just sold but keep looking there is one left...

Yep! It's Autumn Time! This pumpkin is HUGE! It was 26.00 NOW ***24.00***

He is so French Country! and he is only ***23.00***

It's always time to Give Thanks ! was 24.00 NOW ***18.00***

Remember Grandmas kitchen? NOW only ***24.00***

Fluer De lovin' ***24.00***

This tassel is over the top but not it's price! ***22.00*** ***22.00***

Fall anyone? ***15.00***


Pumpkin Time! This is one of the biggest ones I have made and Im in love! He was 32.00 NOW ***24.00***

Sweet baby boy! 12.00

Sweet baby girl! 12.00

This one looks like real leather. I love the plum color... was 24.00 NOW ***16.00***

Who doesnt love a fall pear? NOW*** 12.00 ***

Yet another pear at the same great price *** 12.00 ***


  1. Good Morning Miz Susie!
    I so want to buy one of your tassels, have wanted to for quite some time but can't manage to save any of my weekly allowance for one. I'm terrible I know *sigh* But they are lovely and if I could I want you to know I'd purchase every single one of them. You are a very talented lady with such a gracious heart and friendly spirit. No wonder you have such a loyal following *smiles* Have a blessed day!

  2. You are so talented! I hope you have a great day!

  3. Argh! I always wait too long! I keep flip-flopping on which rooster I think I want. Then I think I want a bird. Then I think rooster. Then bird. I think I need a bird. My kitchen is cluttered enough so it doesn't REALLY need another rooster. All your tassels are so gorgeous it's hard to decide!

  4. I have an award for you on my blog!

  5. love these!!!!

    amazing, as usual.

    and bc ur so amazing, there's two little awards for you on my blog. yeah!

  6. Morning, Susie!! Oh, what beauties!! You are the absolute tassel Queen! I'm waiting to see more fall decorating. You're just too much, girl!!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. are GOOD. I can't even wrap my head around how you construct those!!!


  8. I was eyeing those tassels yesterday but forced myself to be good and not order--I need to spend my pennies on back to school clothes.

    ~ Sarah

  9. My order arrived yesterday and I'm so THRILLED.

    You do amazing work Susie!!!

    Gals, you need to place an order, you WILL NOT be disappointed!!


  10. Wow they are all so great! HOW do you part with any of them?

  11. Love your work. Will have to go and check it out. Thanks for sharing your creations they are beautful.

  12. Hi Susie! Your tassels are amazing! I finally have the one I purchased from you hung! I posted a photo of it today. Good luck with your sale!

  13. Yay! You know how much I love those crowns!

  14. Those are just so cute! Have a wonderful evening!

  15. Gorgeous tassles....very tempting! I'm going back for another look............

  16. Wow love all the tassels how cute they all are. I can't wait till pay day. I will be back for a look see at what is left. Have a great week.


  17. Susie, I want both the boy and the girl tassels! Get in touch with me at for payment info!! Thanks!!!

  18. Good Morning Susie,

    I'll go browse your tassels again. Even when I don't buy I love looking at them.

    Lexi's room re-do is posted today...come by and take a peek.

  19. Oh my...I am still stuck on your $3 yard sale lamp buy, and the fact that if hung that candy corn, I don't care how high I hung it...I know I would find someone's teeth munching down on them (and they just might be my own. :)

  20. Everybody loves a sale! Thanks for inspiring me.

  21. Just love the beautiful tassels! So glad to be back visiting your site and catching up after our little water problem. Just love it! Reading your blog equals a little r&r for me!

    Blessings to you and yours

  22. this is my first look at fancy tassels like this! I love it! You are really talented. I love the black and white one! If only I hadnt sworn and oath to stop buying things for the house...

  23. Those are so cute Susie! I bet it's hard to let them go.

    Brandee :-)

  24. Do you want to know what I'm eating right now? CANDY CORN! I just couldn't resist any longer after I saw your post! MMMmmmm...

    Thanks for checking on me...we just got about two hours of really hard rain...nothing like what people southeast of us got.

  25. Hey Susie~ Sisters are awesome~ I have 3! But Katy and I are very close! I want to say sorry about your brother...It is hard when you lose someone...I'm glad that it brought you closer...I love that I found you and your blog~I have you on my blog roll! Love,Meme

  26. Love your tassels more than any I have ever seen (if you know what I mean)!!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I appreciate the comment. I will be featuring your candy corn garland tomorrow, hope that is okay. I give you full credit.

    Lemon Annie

  27. I posted about your blog and your wonderful tassels today. Wanted to let you know..and hope it is ok.

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