Rain, Rubber Shoes and more...

Yep, it's been raining here for days.

I love rain but having to tromp out in it is not always fun...

What's a girl to do... This one is for you Miss Sheila (The Bathroom Diva) !!!

You go out and do what any southern girl would do. You buy rubber shoes. A lady should always look like a lady even when it's pouring ...

I bought these little beauties at the Royal Standard. It's a gift shop by my house....love that store I tell you...

They are rubber through and through. They are really garden shoes but I wear em' when it's wet outside. Just look how cute they are with the little bows up on top. You know you can change out the bows if you wanna.

So a little rain wont stop me. We are headed to the Dr. for bloodwork for Jesse.

The birds dont seem to mind the rain at all. They tend to sing more. Guess your wondering about all of those eggs... Sorry to report but not one egg hatched.

Well the sun seems to want to come out now. Hope yall have a sunny day wherever you may be...unless that is you want rain. Many smiles your way!


  1. Good Morning Miz Susie,
    Thank you for showing me the shoes that everyone is going crazy over and buying loads of ribbon for! Now I've finally seen them and all I can say is I heart your shoes! How cute are they? oooo so having a shoe envy moment here.

    Years ago when first married Mr D and I had a pair of finches, they laid a lot of eggs and not a single one hatched. So don't feel bad, it may just be the nature of such things.

    Have a wonderfully blessed day and I got to be first commentor! Yippee!

  2. We had rain for most of the day yesterday, and it was a welcome relief from the heat. I have seen those shoes, and I think the gift shop up town has them on sale right now. I might have to check them out. Have a great day, and I hope Jesse's bloodwork has improved. Jackie

  3. Those are the cutest rubber shoes like... EVER! :o)

    We got buckets of rain here yesterday, too. It was quite scary for awhile.

    I can't believe you bought that rug!!! I'm so jealous! :o) I haven't bought it yet... I spent all my extra $$ on back to school stuff this month. Darned school supplies! I am really dying for that rug though. I go to the website once in a while to look at it. lo OH! And I bought tons of things from that site and have never had a problem. Be sure to let me know when you get it!

  4. Woo Hoo! I'm so glad I checked in, Susie! I've got your picture!! I'll post it really quick!!
    Be a sweetie and see you in about a week.

  5. Hi Susie,
    Those are cute shoes! Lots cuter than the crocs I wear when it rains...although I do have the Mary Janes!

    It stopped raining here yesterday, and looks like a sunny one on tap for today,

  6. Those shoes are the cutest! I love the bows.

    Thanks for the finch report...kinda sad not one hatched, but I speak from experience when I say two's company and 17's a crowd! : )

    I hope Jesse's tests go well.

  7. Those shoes are adorable and I love your dress too!!

    I do hope Jesse is feeling better and his test results are good.

    Stay dry if it rains today and definitely wear those cute shoes!!

  8. Those shoes are too cute! I love the ribbon! Who wouldn't want to go out in the rain when you've got shoes like that?

    Have a great day and I hope things go well with your son.


  9. Hey Ms Susie. I'm trying your world of blogging but I'm not sure how all this works. Anyway I called you Tuesday and left you a message...you never called me back! Holla at me when you get a sec. BTW...your page is really cute and love the shoes :)Sick of the rain :(

  10. Love me some OKA B's!! I have those shoes in the mule in brown and I get so many compliments!!!!I wish I had more of them. Do you know that Crocs makes a bow one now? The Oka B's are dressier, but the crocs are super cute. I love the rug too. Hope Jesse is on the road to recovery.

  11. Love the shoes. In my neck of the woods, they wouldn't work though. I need big rubber boots for going to the barn when it's been raining :(

    I received my tassel yesterday. I love it. I really love it. I really, really, really love it.
    Thanks so much!!!

  12. You are blessed with rain. We desperately need some here. By the way LOVE the shoes. You know my favorite part is the BOW.


  13. It has been raining here too. Today is our first day that shouldn't be cloudy.

    CUTE shoes!!

  14. Those are cute shoes! I've seen those before...are they by OKA? I think that bow is just adorable. I'll have to check out my Royal Standard. Haven't been in there in awhile, so I'm due for a visit.

    Have a great rainy day!


  15. Susie~Beautiful photos!! I want those shoes! They are soooo cute! I need to find these!
    Have a great day!

  16. Those are the most darling rain shoes I've ever seen! I might have to find some for myself!!

  17. I adore the shoes. So very cute and clever. Love them.

  18. You are precious...right down to your little toes! Miss Beauty and talent....:) Love ,Meme

  19. I am jealous, I want some RAIN and COOL weather... I can't wait for fall and winter!

  20. Cute, cute shoes.
    Thanks for the pumpkin urn pictures. Very cute idea.

  21. I did catch the bug!!...I was actually tricked into it by my friend,Chella...I love it...But how many can you have? I thought I'd sell some to get some money together for my dog's medical bill...How your baby? Poor little guy...Is it going to be hard to catch up at school? My prayers are with you all...And i'm so glad to hear from you...I've missed chatting with you....Oh, and great job on those cabinets...Do you want to move here and help me with design/faux business....Your hired...:)

  22. Those are some fancy rain shoes. I love them! So cute!

    I can't wait for a bit of rain. All we have here is HOT.

    Hope the blood tests go well and come back with some good news!

  23. Love the shoes, love your dress, love your rug, wanna come and give me and my house a make over?????


    Have a great day and send us the rain here in GA

  24. love the shoes...the rain stopped here yesterday...not before we had a full day of it though...

    Hope your son gets a good report!

  25. cute shoes. I didn't realize that Royal Standard sold shoes. Maybe I need to peek around all of the corners.

  26. Rain?!? It hasn't really rained here for so long that I've almost forgotten what rain is.
    Oh honey! I love those shoes. How cute!
    I hope all goes well with your day and the blood work.

  27. Hello Miss Susie! It is 100 degrees here today. Cute shoes. Hoping for the best for Jesse. I took our daughter to school, she is doing so much better. Just trying to get her schoolwork and homework. It does get better!
    I'm so excited I went to the Dollar Tree, oh yes I did, and just about squealed when I saw, yes those adorable pumpkins you talked about!
    A giant yippee from So. Calif!Blessings, Debbie

  28. Darling shoes! They look comfy too.

    Brandee :-)

  29. cute shoes!! I have the crocs with the bow and love them I change the bow a the time right now they have football ribbon in them for football season. Hope jesse is feeling better my son had that and it took a long time to get back in the swing again.

  30. I don't know what rock I've been hiding under, but I've never seen those shoes before! Cute! Of course, you are so cute too, with your painted toenails and all. How do you do it? I'm also wondering where I can find me some of those shoes!

  31. How adorable! Hope Jesse is doing better!

  32. You looked perky today in your pretty shoes with the bows!

  33. Cute shoes!! Hope the boy is getting better.

  34. Considering we are somewhat in the same neck of the woods, I know what you mean about the rain. It finally ended here last night and the grass has shot up 3 inches. My boys are out cutting now.
    I love those shoes!!! I have never seen them.
    I hope all turns out well for Jesse.

  35. Okay, those are CUTE. Too bad we don't have that store here or I would be going out to buy some of those shoes for moi!

    ~ Sarah

  36. LOVE those shoes! Too much! I see if we move south I'm going to have to get me a pair of them shoes. Lol.

  37. yes! I have those too but mine have a tiger print bow :) and they are so comfortable!! Great minds think alike ;)

  38. Love those shoes, I have a black pair and they are so comfy. Enjoy your blog. Nancy

  39. CUTE shoes!!! I would do the same thing! It rained one day this week but we had to drive in it for four hours. YUCKY! That's not fun at all!

  40. I'm lurving the shoes, Susie!!!


  41. Susie, I've got those same shoes but with a different bow. I seem to do a lot a clippidy clopping when I wear them. Do you have that problem. They are good rain shoes though.


  42. Oh, yeah, I got two pair of those "rubber" shoes in Charleston last Feb. I have lived in mine all summer and they are so comfortable. The feet ain't what they used to be but I love wearing cute shoes....not ready to go to "old lady shoes" yet.


  43. Hi Susie, I have two pair of those rubber shoes...one like yours and ones that are slides with the toe in and look like fake crocodile. I wear that pair in the winter. Love them! :)

  44. Those are the cutest gardening shoes ever! I think I would garden just so I could wear them.

  45. Girl, I have some of those.....mine are black and have tiny turqouse pieces in them....I got mine at "Signature Shoes" though..I love them they go with everything. Did you know they are made from "recycled tires"....crazy.
    But a good thing.
    I have several pairs of "Crocs" that are similar to those same kind though....with the bows....and you can change them out. Very neat.
    I'm SO SICK of the rain....and major humidity....every day. Blah!!!! Belive me....I have ALL kinds of "rubber shoes" and "boots"....it's standard "Louisiana dress code" isn't it?? HA! HA!
    Hey did you get my e-mail I sent you last week???
    What's the report on Jesse? I've been wondering..let me know.
    See ya!

  46. Fun shoes! I wear flip flops when it's raining and tend to slip a lot...

    Thanks for the warm welcome to Louisiana!

  47. Oooooh, you have finches! I love finches! We don't have any as actual pets, but we do have loads of house finches in our yard - there's been a pair that nest in my petunia baskets on my front porch each summer, and then all their large, extended families too.

    Hope things dried up for you - we've had a rainy summer up here in NY too!

    Cheers from a fellow Blog Around the Worlder! :)

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