Getting Ready?????




Can goods...Check.... You guessed it! It's not a Labor Day party. It's a storm a headin' our way. This is what I have been up to all weekend.. getting things together and watching the weather

Bread is a must....I must not forget.

When everything else may fail I may just need to drag out this ole' baby. OLE' FAITHFUL!... Im not sure what will be in store for us Monday or Tuesday . I just know I want to be ready and prayed up! I will try to keep in touch as we weather this out . Our electric company " bless their little hearts " is not the best. The wind blows and we loose electricity....enough said. I will try my darndest to keep yall up to date if we are still up and running. Please keep the entire gulf in your prayers....please.


Want to make your own coasters? I did a post like this when I first started blogging and it was so much fun. I have so many new friends now and Im not sure all of you have the hours to spend looking at my boring post after post. So here you go! A re-run...

You can pick up these tiles at about any home supply store. I try to find a smooth one. It stamps better.

Get you some of those little felt stickers that you put under your furniture. This will help from scratching your table. If you cant find any just hot glue some felt.

I use this kind of ink and whatever stamps you may have. Make sure your ink is water proof! If not when your tall glass of tea starts to sweat... well your ink will run.

Wipe off any dust or dirt that may be on your tile, dry it good and stamp away! On this nest I went all out and even stamped a edge around the tile...

The rooster and nest are some of my favorites. I also have the letters. They make great gifts for teachers!!!!

Make sure your ink is dry and fix yourself a tall glass of whatever...


When giving coasters as a gift I tie them up all fancy and add some of my tags. Hope you get a chance to try these...Oh I almost forgot to you this! You can also get those tiles a bit larger I think they are 6x6 and make your own trivet... How cool is that!
*** Jesse's bloodwork came back good. We go back in six weeks for a scan to make sure his spleen is back to normal size. Praise God! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your prayers and well wishes. I know he is all better now cause he is back on my nerves again.... God is good..ALWAYS~

A soft glow..

Fall is almost here and that means pumpkin candles. My favorite is from Hobby Lobby.

I have tried all the other's and paid lot's but my all time favorite is Cinnamon Spice by Darsee & David's.

So if you happen to come to my house this time of year this is what you smell. I burn them everyday all day. They last forever my friends! You have got to try them...

If you have watched the weather you have met our new friend headed for the gulf. It looks as though he may want to visit my town...

No worries here... I have plenty of candles on hand thanks to Hobby Lobby, smile. I do need to head to the store and stock up on things that we need... like food and water. I did fill my gas tank this morning, ouch! So it looks as though the next few days we will just watch and wait. My sweet husband is all fired up because his beloved "HOGS" play this weekend. For his sake hope we dont loose power.

You Dont want to Miss This...

Ok girls... It's time to do some Fall cleaning in my Etsy shop. I want to add some new tassels but would like to make some room. Here's your chance to go shopping!

This black and white damask tassel was 30.00 NOW ** 24.00**

Just look at how long this tassel is... ONLY...15.00

Sorry Mr. Rooster just sold but keep looking there is one left...

Yep! It's Autumn Time! This pumpkin is HUGE! It was 26.00 NOW ***24.00***

He is so French Country! and he is only ***23.00***

It's always time to Give Thanks ! was 24.00 NOW ***18.00***

Remember Grandmas kitchen? NOW only ***24.00***

Fluer De lovin' ***24.00***

This tassel is over the top but not it's price! ***22.00*** ***22.00***

Fall anyone? ***15.00***


Pumpkin Time! This is one of the biggest ones I have made and Im in love! He was 32.00 NOW ***24.00***

Sweet baby boy! 12.00

Sweet baby girl! 12.00

This one looks like real leather. I love the plum color... was 24.00 NOW ***16.00***

Who doesnt love a fall pear? NOW*** 12.00 ***

Yet another pear at the same great price *** 12.00 ***

Candy Corn and a Tassel Sale!

*** Warning *** This post may contain some Fall decor. If you think it's too early your right! Im just showing some ideas to put in your book for the future. So if you want to take a early peek keep reading. If it's too early for ideas now just check back on this post later, smile! For those of you who just cant stand to wait... Let's Go!! **** NEW UPDATE!!!Shhh. Yall are the first to know... I'm doing some fall cleaning in the etsy shop and must make room for some new tassel's. So if you have had your eye on one now's the time. I will post about the sale tommorow so you will get first dibs at it! The new sale prices have been posted already so go check it out...if you wanna!

Got your candy corn ready?

Now go and get some needle and thread...

Start stringing baby.... just like popcorn!

Now if you would like... spray on some clear glaze

I do this cause it gives the candy a gloss and also helps to keep bugs away. *** I know you are not dummies but please be careful and keep those babies away from the candy once sprayed***

After I let it dry really good I started hanging this from my light with these ribbons.

You can hang your garland just about anywhere.

I think it would be cute to hang from a fireplace mantel...

I would just make sure if you did spray your corn place it high enough from the little ones and your fur babies...

Where would you put your garland?

If you make one I would love to see it..

I would also love to hear your ideas on where you would place yours...

Maybe from that scary, whimsey,spooky tree we made?

It's endless! So start stringing girlies.... Let me know what yall think!