What a mess...

I wasnt raised in a barn but sometimes I feel like I live in one!

You would think with so many people in this house they would help me clean...

I should have been busy filling this up with all sorts of pretty's but instead...

I was busy making more tassels for my little shop.

Why is it so much more fun being creative and making things..then cleaning these!

Guess I better get busy gettin' busy. After cleaning up all of my many messes I will get to that cabinet. Many smiles your way, Susie


  1. AnonymousJune 11, 2008

    It's the same way at my house no one wants to do there part. The toilet picture is too funny. Last night at 11:30 something possesed me to clean mine. I too would rather be creating.


  2. Oh yes! I would much rather be in my studio creating than cleaning!! Can't wait to see how you fill your pretty hutch...

  3. Cute post...Right on! I need to be cleaning as well, but instead yesterday I spent the day designing cards and whatnot. I guess today I have to get some cleaning done! ugh!

  4. Ha! I loved this post. Sounds like things at your house are very similar to how things are over here at mine. My daughter asked me yesterday why she needed to clean up the playroom, "Since we'll just get all the toys right back out anyway." Good question! :-)

    Your new china cabinet is so pretty. And I can't believe what a good deal you got on it! -Julia

  5. Warning: Long and Windy
    Hi Susie! Thanks for stoping by! You blog is very cute & I'm pretty sure that one of these day's I'm going to need one of your tassels! You gotta love Etsy! I live in Oregon not too far from Washington. I'm about 2 hrs from Tri-Cities aka Kennewick, Pasco, Richland. It's been unusually cold this spring. I'm ready for some heat!

    I love your decor style and love that you go to yard sales! I LOVE JUNKING! I don't do it near as often as I'd like. Enjoy your new hutch I love it!
    Anyway looks like I have another blog to put on my google reader! Thanks and I 'll talk to you later.


    Ps. Steel Magnolia's and 80's music! Your a woman after my own ♥!

  6. Yeah I seem to be the only one cleaning around my house too! LOL...I had to laugh when I saw the pic of nekkid Barbies :o)Can't wait to see what you do with your new cabinet....it is a gorgeous piece!

  7. So nice to find you, your blog is beautiful. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Great post, so true!
    Many blessings, dana

  8. I think they would get more work done and help you out if they had their clothes on. :)

  9. Boy, do I relate to this one! My grandmother has a sign hanging in her sewing room that says, "I'm creative; you can't expect me to be organized too!" With all the cute projects you have going, I would say the cobwebs can wait!:)

  10. Thank you so much for visiting one of my blogs, Heartstrings. I love your site!!! and intend to go back and look further!!

  11. How did you find me? Thanks for stopping by my blog. I will answer the question you posed at the end of this post. It is because when you create it says done, no one comes behind you and wrecks it. I also think it is because it is part of you. Many times as well people compliment you. No one tells you, you did a great job cleaning the toilet.
    Realy nice tassels. Cute blog too.

  12. Wouldn't it be great if we could find the women who like to clean but hate to create and then trade our skills for theirs and then we'd all be happy!

  13. Have you shown a picture of your plates over your bed? Since I just found your blog a couple weeks ago I didn't know. We have actually had a lot of rain so I haven't had to water them at all. But yesterday I was thinking that I probably should give them a little something to drink in the evening. Once that bird gets off my back porch I'll go water them! :)

  14. Great Post! I understand how you feel completely! LOL! I'm looking for my kids to get little bells anyday, and start ringing for the MAID...ME! Your new tassels are so pretty...such temptation! "smiles"

    Hugs, Rhonda

  15. Okay what exactly is going in that Barbie house? TEE HEE! Lindsey has that same house, and her Barbies are half naked most the time! I agree, I would much rather be puttering in my scrapbooks than cleaning. Your blog background is gorgeous by the way. Have a super day!

  16. Why haven't they invented a Roomba yet that cleans out the potty! ahhh!

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