Some planting...

When I was a little my sister and I would spend the summers at my Maw Maw's (Grandmother). We grew up on koolaid, homemade rootbeer and no cable. I know..anyway that left us with having to come up with junk to get us through the day. We really didnt miss out cause you dont know what your missing if you never had it. So my Maw Maw had this huge yard and tons of southern flowers. Hydrangeas were my favorite. I would pick one of those huge blooms and pretend that I was getting married. Wanting to have a taste of that childhood I planted some of my very own. While planting I thought I would share my memories with Maddy. She turned and looked at me kinda dazed... You must of had a really nice Maw Maw.... if I would have picked your flowers you would want to spank my butt. Made me think a bit! After these babies bloom Maddy and I are going to have the make-believe wedding of a lifetime!


  1. In my childhood home we had the variety of hydrangea that is loaded with the smaller blooms. We referred to as a snowball bush. I remember having summer "snowball" fights. My home now has the same kind of bush. I taught my kids how the throw those flower balls so they explode and I am thrilled to say that just the other day we had a summer snowball fight! The lawn was covered in blossoms, the bush looked a little less full, but we made a good summer memory!

  2. gosh what a sweet memory.. I so miss those days... thank you for bringing back some good memories of my own.
    Have a good day :)

  3. Oh I hope yours survive - and thrive! Those are the same ones I planted. The one surviving one is doing much better since being moved. I can't wait for it to bloom!

  4. Susie- do you have an email address?? I didn't see your linked to yoru profile. If you click on my profile and then click on the email button you can email me... I'll be looking for your email and I'll reply to your question about the camera...

  5. What a happy memory...gosh all those poor roses that we tore to pieces and mixed with water in little bottles to make our designer perfume...& and raking the the leaves to make little houses with rooms....Guess we should have been learning how to make that cake and tatting instead..would not trade my chilhood for nothing...LOVE YA , MISS (teen-age years thats a whole different story LOL)

  6. Oh my gosh! I so forgot about the raked leaves being rooms to our houses! Oh and the carpet squares... do you remember that hedge between Maw maw's and Aunt Re's... We used to pull the leaves and keep them together making them look like a flower. Then when you handed the flower to someone the leaves would all fall apart. Many laughs on that trick.... I love you Miss.. thanks for sharing my childhood with me. I wouldnt want it any other way! Susie

  7. Awwww......they are my favorites too. I JUST bought a decent sized one to plant and have been waiting on my husband to get that thing in the ground before it dies!!! UGH....I told him we have GOT to do it this week because we leave for Biloxi this Sunday for 4 days...
    Enjoy your new pretty flowers...and your sweet memories.
    Hope all is well with you all!
    Be blessed,

  8. That's funny that your daughter said that! My aunt took my little girl and her cousin outside at my grandma's to pick us A mother's day flower. My little girl pulled up a whole plant!!

    Now she thinks it's the greatest thing to bring me flowers from the yard. I figure she'll be grown soon enough then I can have a yard full of blooms!

  9. YAY! I can finally post a comment! It must have been somthing wrong with my computer the first time. ANyway, glad I fixed the glitch! as always, I'll be back to visit again tomorrow!


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