Post # 2

This one sits on my table most of the time...

I added a little nest on top. Can you see it?

It's not glued, just sittin' up there waiting for me to move it somewhere else one day

I have more but would hate to bore you so. Guess I will save it for later. Thanks for dropping in to see little ol' me , Susie


  1. Your welcome! Btw...I love the arrangments! My house is in dier need of one on my coffee table. Something a little low profile. I have nothing there at the moment. Maybe I should get to work on trying to make one!

    The nest is adorable!

  2. Your arrangements look awesome. I'm with you, not really into really flowerey stuff. Thanks for visiting my blog, I'm alway excited to get comments. I love your decorating by the way.

  3. I love your decorating too! Thanks for visiting my blog:)

  4. Love all the decor! BTW, what color green is in your dining room?? I'm looking for a pretty greenish color, and I really like this! thanks!

  5. Love your blog--so different and fresh! And I love the white dishes too.


    P.S. Your family adventures listed in your banner sound like ours. :)

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