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Today is a two post series. First I have to give a big shout out to one sweet friend , Joanna. She took her time out of her busy day to help "slow" me figure out a big mystery for me. Thanks Joanna! Ok, back to the story. Yesterday I showed off all of my dishes so today i wanted to share my arangements. Hope I spelled that right!

I made a few in one day. I used alot of the same stuff for each. I didnt glue anything cause I like to change things around alot. I add then take out. I do sometimes use those fancy mancy little florist pin's on sticks. It's where you wire your stem on the stick. But that can be taken out too!

I really like the look of "natural" stuff. Moss,grass,dried stuff. Im a flowerie girl just not for arangments.

If you have never made one... it's so easy. Just get you a nice container, some green-a re and moss in a bag and stick and poke away!

Post # 2 shows the one for my table. If I havent completely bored you to death yet..


  1. Very nice!!! I love your bathroom--quite stylish!! It looks like you have a lovely home. I'll be back! :)

  2. AnonymousJune 06, 2008

    Hi Susie! Thanks for stopping by. I love your blog layout especially your background; it is very pretty! I also love to do floral arrangements/wreaths and I love your natural looking ones. White dishes and pitchers are a favorite of mine also. I have in the back of my mind to redo my whole house in colored walls with just white accessories!?(someday!) I will be visiting your spot often. Have a great weekend! - Jeannette

  3. Hi there, thanks for visiting my blog. And thanks for your kind words. My son will leave on Sunday & I will get to see him this afternoon. Your flower arrangements are lovely. Come back by for a visit anytime. Renea

  4. Those are VERY cool and beautiful.

    Thanks for visiting and getting in on the giveaway. Good Luck!!

  5. Love those arrangements! So gorgeous. ♥

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  6. You are really good at these! This is something I just cannot do. I've tried and tried but I'm not good at it. Too funny about the Hog shirt!! :)

  7. Those arrangements are stunning! And I notice that your paint colors are so soothing and pretty. I can tell your blog is really reflective of your style!

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