Love Thy Neighbor...

I am literally shaking right now as I type this post. I started blogging at the beginning of this year. I have met so many nice people along my little journey. I have shared many ideas and opened my heart and home to everyone out there. I have also shared my love for crafting and the story of why and when I started making my goodies
I know that I am not the original tassel maker. Tassels were on this earth before Jesus. They were used to show off a status symbol on robes worn and in homes. Now that was a very long time ago...

I did not create these designs... Oh how I wish I could say I did... these are made by a company called Far Hill Studio's. I saw these and was very inspired and wanted to make my own for alot less money.

I came across a friends comment from someone accusing another tassel maker, Im assuming me, of stealing her ideas. That was so very hurtful to me...

I would rather end my blog today then hurt a persons feelings. Tassels are not worth my friendships I have made along the way. I am a christian and will humbly act like one. I strive to be a proverbs 31 woman. Please know that this post is not written to be hurtful in any way.

I am trying to make my way as a stay at home mom on a budget just like so many of us but my feelings and my dignity are worth way more than a tassel sale. It is my prayer tonight that this will all work out and hurt feelings will end here. Thank you for taking your time to hear whats on my heart. Your friend, Susie H~


  1. I'm so sorry you've been hurt. I hope you'll continue to blog...and make tassels.

    I just am at a loss for words, but I've said a little prayer for you@

  2. Hi Susie, please continue your blog and your tassle making:) Blessings, Rachael

  3. Susie,

    I am so sorry you are feeling down and out about this. I think your tassels are gorgeous! Even if this person thinks you copied, wouldn't that be one of the greatest forms of flattery? Keep doing what your doing and be happy, we're with you!


  4. Hi Susie,

    Please don't stop blogging OR creating beautiful things. There are TONS of us who appreciate you and your talents. I've enjoyed reading your blog, and I'm bummed that you're down in the dumps. Just know that you are adored, and that I think you should continue to do what you love. Like Jeff Mallett said, 'Do what you love, love what you do, leave the world a better place and don't pick your nose.'

    Just wanted to try to make you smile. :-)

  5. So sorry to hear about the mix up. You have a beautiful talent. Share it. I am sorry that you had to hear such hurtful things.

    I love your tassles. Continue to share.


  6. Oh Susie! Please don't end your blog - it's been one of my favorites the past few weeks!! Who says there can't be more than one person making tassels? What does that have to DO with anything? How many florists are there? What, only ONE person can make or sell something?
    I've seen other tassels - they are different than yours anyways! It's pretty obvious from your photos that you have been doing this for awhile.

    Looks like you are eating your share of worms today like I did this past weekend. Hope you can make peace with everything and come back, blogging and tasseling away!

  7. I agree with the others, Susie. And seriously, no one has a copyright on tassels, right? And I am also sure that we all glean ideas from others. Like your coaster idea that I am about to steal. Thanks for posting the how-to's. Love your blog. You're cool!!

  8. Please oh please don't let this get to you! If I have learned anything from blogging and message boards it is not to take ANYTHING to seriously. People say and do things through the internet they wouldn't dream of doing in real life. And truly there are some miserable folks with internet connections.

    I get so much inspiration from other bloggers and sometimes it finds it's way into my work, decor, or even things I buy at Target! We all do, that's why we blog in the first place.

    I love your blog and your Tassels please don't stop doing what you love. ((((HUGS))))

  9. Susie,
    I was just introduced to your blog last week. You can't stop now, I love your blog too much! Let things settle and you'll feel better. Most intelligent people know there is not just ONE tassel maker on earth. Besides, your tassels are super cute! I hate that your sad. You sound so nice.

    Brandee :)

  10. Hi there!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I hope you'll come're always welcome.

    I've enjoyed my visit here tonight and will come again. Your blog is beautiful. I'm sorry someone has hurt you. I hope you'll continue to blog. Don't let one person's words change you. That's my un-asked for advice. LOL


  11. I second all the encouraging comments you recieved today. I guess I'm surprised that this would even happen because that's one of the reasons I blog. I want to copy from others, and I want others to copy from me. I consider us a community of supporters who are not threatened by others, but rather encouraged. Well, I hope you are feeling encouraged today. We appreciate your blog and your talents.

  12. I'm so sorry you have to go thru all of this hurt!I hope you continue to blog and create wonderful tassles. I really enjoy seeing what you are up to :o)

  13. You just need to put that comment behind you and keep doing what you do so beautifully! It's so catty and silly of someone to accuse another like that. I had that happen to me a while back (and it was completely untrue) and I just had to put it behind me and keep trucking!! They are just threatened by you and your gorgeous tassels, seriously.

    On a side note, thanks so much for the sweet comment. I love your blog too! Please don't shut it down!

  14. I am so sorry this has happened. I hope this doesn't discourage you, neither to create, nor to blog.

    I will be praying for you!
    xo Lidy

  15. Oh, Susie, I'm so sorry you have been hurt. I only found your blog today. I even already shared it with another friend. Please don't quit. I love your tassels, by the way. I sure do wish I knew how to make them. They are gorgeous! Certainly, there are enough buyers and not nearly enough tassels to go around. You do beautiful work!

  16. DITTO to all the other comments. Thank you so much for stopping into my world and leaving such uplifting words~when I see your name or Dawn Edmonson's of The Feathered Nest I feel like a celebrity has dropped by!! So thanks for making me feel important :)
    Here's the site to someone I've met through my daughter and think you can relate. I'm sorry there are such uncaring humans in this world~sending hugs, Nancy

  17. AnonymousJune 25, 2008

    I just discovered your blog last week and love it and your tassels. It doesn't matter who had the idea first, you create what you love and we all love them too.

    Stay strong.

  18. I agree with the other commenters - please don't stop blogging! And please don't stop making tassels! I've been waiting for just the right one so I can buy one!
    Hang in there!

  19. Oh darlin' - You are sweet and adorable...and so are your tassels. :-) I know that for a fact because I have one of them hanging in my dining room!

    I am going to stop and pray right now for your peace of mind and for any hurt feelings to be soothed and healed by our Lord.

    I think the best part of blogging is the connections we make with other women. Unfortunately, that means we sometimes connect with someone not-so-kind.

  20. AnonymousJune 25, 2008

    Hello, Susie! Don't let others make you feel like you have copied them...That would be like saying I copied the path of the Interior Designer up the road who does exactly the same things I do...So, keep your head up and stay focused on your dreams and your life! Love, meme

  21. AnonymousJune 25, 2008

    I'm a new visitor to your blog - been visiting daily for the last couple of weeks. Please listen to what others are telling you. You are not copying!! Consider all of the blogs or sites that offer altered paper items or vintage items that looked very similar. They are not copying either. Your tassels are gorgeous! You keep making them.Feel proud that you are finding a way to help take care of your family and be creative at the same time.

    Stacey :)

  22. Hi Susie,
    I'm a new reader of your blog but when I first found you last week I put you immediately in my favorite blog bookmark folder so I could check you daily. High praise indeed! lol
    The thing simply can't let someone steal your joy in your creations. It's so sad the other party feels threatened by your creative expressions and it's doubly sad you've been made to feel that you've some how have done something wrong when in fact you haven't. You've not done a single thing wrong and I truly hope once you are over the hurt part you'll realize what everyone is saying in comments is true, keep creating your tassels, your way, and selling them if you choose to, they are lovely like you.
    I'm so sorry you're going thru this sort of thing and I think it's a testimony to your generous nature and loving heart that you'd consider closing your blog but honestly I don't think in the end it would make you feel any better about the situation because you know in your heart you have done nothing to hurt anyone's feelings and you've done nothing wrong. So I hope you agree with the rest of us that stopping your blog and tassel making isn't really the answer. Again, I'm sad for you and hope you feel better soon! And thank you for stopping by my blog. Hugs!

  23. Who would be so self important to think they are the only tasselmaker in the world?
    You are so talented. Keep sharing!

  24. Susie, God has given you a talent and he wants with all his heart for you to use it. I struggle every day wondering if I am pleasing him. I often let money or lack of self confidence stand in my way, and when you think about it, those are such silly things to stop you from using what he has given you. Everything comes from an "original" idea but if no one used others ideas as a "springboard" the world wouldn't go around. You have to realize that you can not be responsible for someone else's insecurities and jealousy. How I wish I could make the beautiful tassels that you make so I read your blog daily enjoy what you have created and wish you many many blessings with what you are doing. And I know there are many many women out there that do the same thing. So use your talents and pray for the person who made those comments and I know you will be blessed and you will sleep soundly at night knowing you are pleasing HIM for that is all that matters at the end of the day anyway. Lots of Love Paula

  25. I hope you continue...! there are so many of the same things out there. I think she needs to worry about herself. There's enough creativity in this world for everyone. Just do your thing and if some one has a problem with it, thats their problem.. Jen R

  26. I have spent the past two days scouring the internet trying to figure out how a tassel is made in the first place. I have admired them for sometime - they are everywhere it seems. However, right now my budget does not include those treats. I wanted to see what little things I have in my home to maybe pull one together for us. I admire your page. I lack creativity and I glean loveliness from others in blogging. Titus 2 talks about women teaching the younger women how to be home-makers (as well as other things). I don't have but a couple of lady friends and spend much of my time at home, with my family. So when I view something that someone else has made I get excited because I want to try it too. It inspires me and lights a flame under me to step out into the unknown and try something new.
    I hope that you will continue to blog, your kindness in reaching out to me and leaving sweet comments has been an encouragement - I was scared to death to blog.
    I am praying for you today. Hugs~Tricia Anne

  27. Remember High School? Unfortunately some women never outgrow it they seem to only get better at it. Keep em' coming girl! Hugs to you, Paula

  28. Susie,
    As you know, I have just started this journey and found your blog.
    Please don't stop. I really enjoy your creativity!!!! You are a blessing.

  29. I agree with everyone!! Please don't stop your blog or tassels!! Both are very beautiful and fun.

  30. AnonymousJune 25, 2008

    I don't even know what to say about this. Why must there be so many jealous and mean people in this world. Please, please don't stop blogging. We are all here for the same thing to share our ideas and learn from others.

    Many Blessings.


  31. I just stumbled upon your blog a few days ago and had to save it as a favorite. Your blog AND tassels are fun and you should keep doing both. I love crafting projects and I tried my hand at tassel making a few months back after being inspired by some I saw on a blog. Mine were just for fun around my house since I couldn't justify buying them and aren't nearly as adorable as yours.

    I hope you continue to make them. They are adorable and you are very talented.

    Take care!

  32. I came over after seeing a comment from you on my friend Des's blog (Peeking thru the Sunflowers). I just have to put my two-cents worth in (lol). I'm a crafter. I love to make things. I'm not always good at what I try, but if something does happen to come out right and I find that someone has copied it, I'M FLATTERED BEYOND ALL BELIEF! As a scrapbooker, I'm constantly using other people's designs to make pages. Most "professional" scrapbookers actually encourage that. When I heard a couple of other scrapbookers (via the internet) snarking about other people "stealing" their designs, my eyes rolled so far back in my head, I could almost see my own hair grow! How silly are those people??
    Keep making your tassels, keep gleaning inspiration from all sorts of sources (with or without their "permission") and keep blogging - free from the fear that you'll step on someone else's toes. If certain people can't recognize flattery when they see it, there's nothing you will ever be able to do to please them anyway. And if those same people see their own influence in everyone else's creations, well...those are the kind of people to steer clear of in the first place. Blog on!


  33. I'm really sorry you're struggling with this situation. All I can say is that you're right, not only about tassels but about most forms of art, including decorating. There's hardly a new idea left out there to discover. Don't we all visit each other's blogs for inspiration? I can understand a person defending their art because it's so personal, but we all must realize we are just rehashing the same ideas and trying to add our own spin.

  34. Susie, Okay Girlfriend...there are people in this world that have trouble playing with others!

    My mom makes you know how many other people make soap? The same scents, the same wrapping, the same colors...that's how it goes. Mom makes jewelry...I have seen similar styles like hers on's just one of those things. I have a friend that makes bags with fru fru trim...lots of ladies make bags with fru fru trim.

    Honey, it is not your problem, it's theirs. The technique may be the same (soap making, jewelry making basically same technique also) but the choices you make in your embellishments are all YOURS!

    Your friends love your designs, know they come from your heart and hand! Please don't let it get you down. Kinda like in high school, where you have deal with bullies.

    Put your smile on and go make more tassels!!!


  35. Susie,
    AS just remain calm and go on with life and your BLOG for heaven's sake.

    People (women) get higly territorial at times with their blogs and their things they make....I mean I understand that....but when people aren't being vindictive and aren't taking the actual design....what can I say. It's happens every day. It will happen to you.

    It's a great big world out there are always people remaking "the wheel."
    Whatever it may be.....especially craft wise....writer's use the same storylines as other writers. I mean it happens. You just put your own personality into it and that changes it.

    Just remember that the Bible says "there is nothing NEW under the sun" yes....tassels have been around since Jesus was walking this earth and no one has the complete market on them.

    I think we all can sense your heart....and I KNOW you personally by now. So I know your not this big evil tassel ideal stealer. Besides you also sell other you seriously think people haven't stolen those ideals...and made their own signs and such?

    Just hang in there and move on....I appreciate you being so humble about this.
    It will all work out.
    Be blessed...your friend,

  36. Oh Susie, I am so sorry you have been hurt! I think your tassels are beautiful and i sincerely hope you keep making them!

    I understand how you feel. In March, I was hurt so badly by some blog people that I THOUGHT were my friends. I was in tears for days and sunk into a depression. I was going to end my blog. But then I thought, no, I have as much of a right as anyone else to be here! And I wasnt goint to let those "women" hurt me or keep me down and away from the good people I have met! I sure hope you dont end your blog.

    Hugs to you,

  37. AnonymousJune 25, 2008

    All of the people are right on the money!! Everyone "copies" everyone else. Even as a photographer I am inspired by other photographer's ideas and use many of them. And when someone copies my work, I take it as the highest form of flattery! You have an amazing talent and this other lady needs to grow up and quit being so insecure worried about what you are doing. I know she is not the only tassle maker in the world! Pull your head up and walk proudly and move on...she's not worth another thought!!!

  38. I'm sorry you feel hurt, but you said you "assumed" the other person was talking about you. Assumptions can be hurtful things and they can also be wrong, whether it's the assumption you made or the assumptions some of the other commenters are making about the person who made the remark.

    Just keep loving the Lord and loving thy neighbor as thyself and it will all work out in the end.

  39. I am so sorry that this has happened. I hope that you don't stop making your tassels or writing your blog!! I love them both!! : )


  40. Susie,
    I'm so sorry that you've been hurt. Please continue with your tassels and your blog. You minister to so many of us.

    Wendy Ü

  41. Susie, Susie, Susie...

    Take a deep breath and blow it out~
    What you wrote reminded me of the movie I like (You've Got Mail) Where Meg Ryan's shop is called "Shop around the Corner" and Tom Hanks opens up mean old Fox books and puts a sign up saying "Around the Corner" Meg Ryan's character gets mad at him for doing this and He says, "You don't have the rights to the saying"-"Shop around the corner" Later in the story they end up being friends and falling in love... Yes, it's just a movie but it has a good point.

    We are crafting in the blog World here and there are alot of good ideas that even I have seen but tweak to make my own. To make a point the other tassel lady didn't make up tassels now did she? So she had to copy "a idea" from someone elses idea and tweak it a bit to make it her own and that someone copied it from someone else on and on back to the original biblical times tassel maker. (who was probably a man) :)

    Anyways, you keep making your tassels because they are one of a kind "Susie H" originals that I am proud and blessed to hang in my home.

    ~Big Hug~

  42. Just popping and saying a prayer that whatever has happened will pass over.. knowing that it will as all things do.. Kayce

  43. I just have to say I agree with everyone else. You have a beautiful blog and talent please continue with both!

  44. Susie,

    I haven't been by in a few days and I have missed all this furor! Do not let anyone discourage you. You have a wonderful talent ( I love the Queen tassels) and you should be proud. And look how many blog friends have come to your aid and would feel so badly if you gave up now. Just keep on keepin' on, please!


  45. hang in there are so talented! there's room for everyone in blogland...go create something wonderful, you will feel much better! I can see by all of the comments here, there is more good in blogland than bad....

  46. Oh Susie, no, don't feel bad! I'm sure most people do not feel that you've "stolen" the idea from anyone. I certainly don't! I think your tassels are beautiful and you are very talented! Bravo to you for sharing your talent and trying to help make money for your family in the process!

  47. Susie, I have "discovered" you through some of my favorite blogs and I love what you do. I'm going to tell you like someone said on RMS to a lady who had her feelings hurt, to the effect of "don't let ANYONE, especially someone you don't know, steal your thunder" which I take to mean people that make unfounded or rude comments aren't worth your time.

    I hope you don't give this another thought and just be glad you don't have to stoop to that kind of remark to feel good about yourself.


  48. AnonymousJune 25, 2008

    Keep up the good work-I think some of the tassels you have made are the cutest I've seen! :o)

  49. oh gosh, i had never seen one before until i came upon them from your site...they are so unique and one you made i could just picture in my 5 year old daughters shabby/victorian room..wasnt sure what they were used for? However how can someone say anything to you? Are we not suppose to scrapbook because someone else "invented" the idea? or everything else...please dont let hurtful words stop your works of art.

  50. I agree with all the comments....go to a craft show and see how many things are sort of the same. All the purses and bead braclets, Hey look at how many BAGS are looking like VERA BRADLEY in the stores (and half the price I might add) UMMM blogging is for FUN to Connect with bloggy friends and TO share what you can make. I do not have a crafty little bone in my body. Do not let it worry you a single bit!!!!!!! Hope you found your peace with it today!

  51. I'm reading this days late... and you've probably already made peace with it...but for what it's worth, I'm sorry your feelings were hurt! I love your blog. I love your tassels (I've been eyeballing a rooster one for days)! Don't stop either one. :o)

  52. Susie,
    How awful! I love your tassels and even wanted to learn how to make them...remember me??? I would hope that the person(s) would be flattered that their tassels were an inspiration to other crafters!
    Anyway, keep crafting those tassels and maybe even blog a tutorial for us on how to make them:o)
    Love your blog!

  53. Hi Susie..I came back by after reading your comment at Des'. This has been one of those weeks when I'm here there and everywhere and missed this post.

    Personally, I love your tassels and have my beautiful camera tassel proudly displayed on the door of the new secretary.

    I hope you're feeling better now and don't let others bring you down!


  54. Susie,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I love to "meet" new people :)

    Sorry to hear about the situation. Your tassels are lovely! And if anyone thinks they have a corner market on something...ridiculous! God came up with the've just been copying everything He does ever since.

    I wish I was that creative and would be awesome to be able to make things that people would actually want gracing their fair abodes. (Anything I made you wouldn't want gracing anywhere except the trash!)

    BTW, the dollhouse is beautiful. And after looking at the millions of eeny-beeny pieces, I have come to the conclusion that you have the patience of Job!

    Stop by again sometime!


    Mrs. Q

  55. Susie,
    I am so sorry to hear about this and that your feelings were hurt by it. Please do not stop your blog or creating your beautiful tassels.
    Pay no heed to what others say. You know what is in your heart- they do not. I will pray for you that He will heal this hurt and that you may find a peace in your heart!
    -Heather :)

  56. Hi Suzie, I just visited you blog and you are very talented. Please don't let someone's petty comments hurt you and stop your blogging. I've come across great people in blog land and petty one's too. It's there insecrity that makes them say hurtful things. A craft is a craft. They may be duplicates but who cares. There's room for everyone. Love your blog and i'll return.

  57. There can be more than one tassel maker! Your very talented at what you do, and I hope you continue.

  58. Oh gosh Susie...
    Don't let another take the joy away from you, as kittyscraps said. Do not ever let another person make you feel badly because of their immaturity. Let it slide off your back, even though it was hurtful. Take the high road. It hurt you because you are a caring and wonderful woman. Do not stop blogging - there's so much you have to offer and I for one am totally in love with your tassels - they are so beautiful - and YES - they are YOUR design because you created them with your heart and hands for someone else to enjoy. When life hands you a few lemons, make the best darn lemonade you've ever made before. Thinking of you friend - xo Sher

  59. I am in agreement with everyone else. Your tassels are beautiful, don't stop making them or stop blogging. I have just discovered you and think you are great! Unfortunately, people will always be jealous of other people and say catty things. Just let it roll off your back and create away.

  60. AnonymousJuly 02, 2008

    today i found your blog:) love it and your tassels, and I just purchased one from you. A couple of weeks ago i bought a tassel from another etsy, i love that one too. I've been to many craft shows that more than one person was selling the same thing, i don't think anything of it except there's more for me to choose from :) keep creating , they're gorgeous!!!

  61. No one has a monopoly on tassels.

    I've been wanting one.

    Glad to find another source.

    *whispers...the ones of yours I clicked on to see a larger pic of are less expensive than others*

    I'll go pick my favorite & compare before I purchase. Or maybe let it sit in my shopping cart until it is no longer available.

    I remember when Creative Memories was THE choice in scrapbooking. Now they have a ton of competitors.

    Never saw a tassle until started blogging earlier this year.

    Love eating artichokes & you have an artichoke tassel.

    Jimmypickles has competition with her wristband key chains.

    Keep tassling & try to ignore ignorant comments.

  62. I'm new to your blog, and just stumbled across this post. I think you've handled yourself very well, with grace and style. I'll definitely be back, because it's a special thing to find a blog that inspires me both in character AND creativity.

  63. Hey Susie,

    Today is my first day here on your page and I have been stuck on it for over an hour just aweing your ideas and your home. I myself am trying to get into making crafts for my new home and would love to know how to make a tassel. I myself am on a budget and have to watch what I spend so I am trying to create things that are more at my price but pretty. So sorry you had to be accused of copying someones ideas on tassel making but I do not see it that way as many others share their views. So glad you did not leave the blogging scene cause I would have not been fortunate enough to come upon your page...Your last blog has made me want to create a spooky tree for my porch this halloween. So thanks for not leaving and I look forward to getting to know you on this new blogging site I have found and love so much.

  64.'s ok if I copy your tassels?

    LOL...joking (maybe)....I copy everybody I see and it thrills me to death to share with anybody that is interested enough to ask me about the how's of the crap I work on, so they can do it. That's what the craft world is to me anyway and if other's don't see it that way, well, then they need to move on down the road. if you aren't the Original Tassler, you can always be the Second Orginal Tassler. I prefer Second Baptist church over First Baptist anyway.

    *laugh* hun, you have a great blog, thanks for sharing so much of yourself.

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