I Cherish This Because...

This broken bowl belonged to my MawMaw.I have so many memories of waiting for her to finish mixing so I could lick the bowl. She Passed away 6 months after her 100th birthday. How could I throw that broken bowl away...

I enjoy collecting these. I like how they make my cabinet sing ....

These tea towels I found in Canton Ms. on the square by my booth. I cant wait to see her new ones for the holidays.. I did buy a few...

Im looking forward to this... Maddy and I bought it yesterday at Hobby Lobby. We started working on it last night

This is what Im not looking forward to... I never knew it had so many pieces. It's fun watching her get exicited about this house. Guess yall know what I'll be doing for days, maybe weeks, hehe....
before I leave to start my day I just wanted to say... Thank you, Susie H~


  1. I LOVE that tea towel! It is so pretty. Do you have it hanging in your kitchen on the side of a cabinet?

    You are one brave mama! I don't think I would be able to handle all of those doll house pieces. Can't wait to see the finished project! Good luck!!

  2. Looks like fun! Just remember: Patience is a virtue. :-)


  3. Are you serious, that you have a booth at the Canton, Ms. flea market? I went this time for the first time. It was overwhelmingly amazing. I will be doing the bulk of my Christmas shopping their in Oct. It's funny I have lived in Ms. all of my life and have just found this jewel.
    As for the bowl, I am so sentimental, and no it would not be thrown out!!

  4. I love anything glass. That glass arrangement is gorgeous. Great job and I love how you shared your cherished thoughts on the items. Wonderful.

  5. You have some beautiful cloches. I also love that towel. I always wanted a doll house and will definately do one with my daughter. There is just something about them...

  6. I am forever attatched to things that belong to grandparents that I love! All four of my grandparents are still living, but I can remember my great-great grandma still. She died when I was 5 or 6, and even though I don't have vivid memories, I can still remember certain things about her. When I got married, I got her wedding band. My engagement ring is platinum and diamonds, very beautiful. My wedding band looks cheap and silly to some. It's a very thin yellow gold band, but it has so much sentimental value!

    I think your bowl has so much character! The doll house looks like so much fun! can't wait to see it all finished!

  7. AnonymousJune 26, 2008

    I would never throw that away either. Wow 100 years she must have had so many interesting stories.
    Okay I'm jealous of that little house. I've been wanting one for a long time I just can't justify buying one anymore because my only daughter is 14. That should be a lot of fun for both of you. Can't wait to see it finished.

  8. I have a chipped and cracked pottery pitcher from which my grandmother always poured orange juice. Like your bowl, I couldn't get rid of it! Funny how such insignificant items can hold such sentiment.

  9. We had a bowl like that, it belonged to my great grandmother. I think my mom has it now.

    Y'all are going to have so much fun putting that little house together!

    Can't wait to see it! : )

  10. Lindsey has been wanting to make a doll house...we told her when we get resettled! Love your old bowl!

  11. Oh I love doll houses! I never really liked playing with dolls, but I always enjoyed rearranging their furniture. :)

  12. hey, I think that bowl is lovely too :) nice visit to your home!

  13. Just be thankful you didn't buy it for a Christmas present and have to put it together on Christmas Eve! It will nice for the two of you to do it together. Have fun:)


  14. I would have kept the bowl too! Love it. Have fun with the doll house. I know my daughter would love doing something like that together. Note to self for later. :)

  15. That bowl is a great reminder of some special memories..hold on to it and pass it down later with all the stories behind it.

    Have fun putting your house together...

  16. I have some things of my grandmother's that I'm pretty attached to myself. I have her apron framed and hanging in my dining room. (I never wear an apron - and I couldn't wear hers anyway - way too small for me!)
    Can't wait to see the dollhouse all assembled!

  17. I love how you decorate-A girl after my own heart. You and Maddie have a good time putting that house together-You have more patience then I do~! :)
    It sounds like the temps are pretty hot over there-you really need to come to Washington to visit~ Hey BTW I am going to post the "egg deal" on my site next week-I'm having too much fun with the hubby right now-Duh on my part for not realizing how busy I would be with him on vacation~

  18. I am so jealous I have been wanting one of those dollhouse so bad I can't wait to see the finished product!

  19. I have things handed down to me by my grandparents all over my house, and I wouldn't even consider getting rid of any of them...each piece holds a memory. I have my Mimmie's "cornbread bowl" that she used to stir cornbread batter in. Every time I get it out to stir up a pan of cornbread I think of her.

  20. I had to giggle out loud when I saw the pic of the 'pieces'!! Good luck! and just think of all the heart memories you'll be making :)

  21. What neat treasures!! Love the history behind the bowl. Wonder what our grandchildren will cherish?? My mom has an old yellow bowl that was her mom's and I want it bad. Of course, I would rather have my mom!!

  22. I love the bowl and the memories behind it. I wish I had more from my Grandmothers house but I do have one piece that you just gaveme an idea for my Friday pic.

  23. AnonymousJune 26, 2008

    Love, love the towel! If I had known about Canton I would have definately made the trip when we lived in Gautier, MS. That's awesome that you have a booth there. Your MawMaw's bowl looks beautiful the way you have it displayed. I'm sure you have a flood of wonderful memories everytime you see it. The doll house looks like lots of fun. I remember being envious of a girlfriend who had one when I was young. Have fun!


  24. Susie, Love all of your wonderful things you shared today! What a great bowl, with even better history! And I just adore that tea towel!

    I hope you are feeling better, today! I'm sorry that you got your feelings hurt, but what a wonderful show of support and encouragement you received! ...and I'm cheering you on, too! You can not leave us here in Blogland or stop making your wonderful tassels! You are just too talented, and I love your blog! I have three different tassels, from 3 different artists, one being yours, which I absolutely love. They are all pretty and VERY UNIQUE... They are like people, each one has it's own characteristics and personality! :)

    Good luck to you and daughter, putting together the doll house! Looks like a fun project!

    Hugs, Rhonda ;)

  25. Love the towel! Good luck with the doll house ! :) Jen R

  26. How fun it will be making sweet memories with Madison. You two will forever cherish the time that you spend creating her fabulous dollhouse.


  27. Hi Susie! I love that bowl, and the cloches and that towel! And the doll house looks like so much fun.

    When I was here yesterday I saw pictures of your darling crown (or at least I think that's what they were) tassels over on the side and I wanted to take another look at them but now I don't see them! Did you sell them all?

  28. What great treasures! I love the sentimentality behind the bowl - I have things that belonged to my grandmother that I feel the same way about.

    Should I tell you now that I have a dollhouse that is 3 stories tall, over 4' tall and has two doors that swing open in the back? I got it when I was 10 and it's in crate that my Dan curses every time he goes out to the garage. I don't dare let it near my boys yet but I am so thrilled to have a daughter to pass it down to. What a sweet project to work on together!!

    ps..those tea towels are so cute but I love your glass collection the best!

  29. Hi dear, I found you through our dear friend Janet. I'm glad I did. This may be long winded, so get a cup of tea or something!

    Your blog is beautiful. I love the design. I'm an artist, so mine's black, but this is so comforting and calm. I may have to steal it! I trained as an architect, then as an artists, so understand your daughter's love of that box of little wooden pieces. Good luck with that you two.

    I'd like to comment about your previous post, but was so afraid you wouldn't read it, that I'm going to write here. First, I'd like to say you should never stop your blog or stop creating. This blog is so lovely and your work is beautiful. I read so many of the comments in support and smiled. You have a huge fan base and more importantly, you're loved. Listen to your friends.

    I used to buy a lot on eBay, but stopped. Sellers were very jealous of one another, cruel when someone used an idea, etc. It felt like a very negative space for a buyer, and I wasn't impressed. As an artist I know how we borrow ideas from the past, how we lean on one another for support and inspiration. That is my experience as an artist, so to experience so much negativity was very disheartening and petty. Honey, do what you do because you do it so well. Continue to draw inspiration for all that surrounds you. Use your imagination to play off other peoples ideas, but always create something that reflexs what is in "YOUR" heart. Creativity is a magicial thing and artists should always give it the respect it deserves. I think you do. Relax my dear, and enjoy the work you do because others derive so much pleasure from it. Let all the other stuff fall by the wayside. And for God sakes, don't ever go away. That would be a terrible loss.

    It's almost my birthday. I think I'm going to buy myself a tassle!!!

    XO Suze

  30. These are great items! Thanks for sharing.
    That tea towel is too cute, but I'm kind of a sucker for cute tea towels :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  31. God did I make some funny typos! For instance, reflex for reflects. I think I just got lazy with that one! ;)


  32. I would cherish that bowl too! I actually broke a cookie jar of my Grandmother's one time when I was young and felt awful. I saved all of my money and bought her a new one but she told me she didn't want the new one because it didn't have the memories attached. She still has that broken cookie jar sitting on her counter 20 some years later and she told me it would someday come to me. I will cherish the cracks not because I put them there- but because she saw them as added beauty.
    What a treasure you have!
    -Heather :)

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