We made it back from Canton and brought home a large portion of it. Dust! Dust! Dust! Did I mention how much dust we brought home. We were covered in it. After six years of craft shows this has to top the list for dust. We were worried about the rain and wind. It's funny how you make deals with God. Lord, if you just let the sun shine down on us today we will be so happy. That He did. I just forgot to add, please hold down the dust. Before every show my husband and I pray. We know that God knows our needs. We ask that we sell enough to cover our needs, have a safe trip and we do ask for nice weather. God is always good!!!! Marc and I went a day early to set up and do some shopping. He bought 2 pairs of shorts and a few shirts. I was going to "just try on " a few things. I really didnt need anything. Got cha! What woman doesnt need something! I did find a few sweet things I had to take home. Sorry kids, this trip was for us. I found the sweetiest summer dress by Lilly. It's cute and pink and sassy. I also found this white tank dress that feels so good on. A skirt, two pairs of shorts and a few tops. Im good....and to think I was just going to try this stuff on. When we made it back home I had to de-dust everything. Every plaque, house blessing , and tassel. What a chore! I hate to dust. Our next show will be in September in Diamond Head, Ms. Guess I can take a break for a while. Missed yall, Susie ps... I am a Tiger fan but had to get the Razorback tee. I had to be nice to my sweetie for buying me all this stuff. Sorry Tigers, it was the least I could do for my " Man Husband"......


  1. Very cute clothes you bought!!
    Thanks for the comments! I really liked my hair! I've always highlighted it since college, and so the dark was new for me back in January, but I got tired of it and missed the blond. I just did a few highlights, so it's more brown w/ blond highlights...I really like it now. I had good hairapy!!! LOL
    You could do it on dark hair, they would just leave it on for a shorter amt of time to just "lift" the color a little.
    Have a great week!!

  2. Hi Susie, I know what you mean about outdoor shows. I quit them, but still miss them, just not able to do it with my disability. I'm still in blogland, but out at my dads there is no internet service and my siblings won't let me add dial up to the phone, so a friend is sending me a RAK--a wireless card for my laptop, so it shouldn't be too costly with our ATT package. Great clothes---hope your sales were good. I think I will be doing the Christmas indoor show this year, since they provide tables and I don't have to lift anything heavy. Hugs, Pat

  3. Oh, I love love the madras prints!!

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