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Ever wonder what makes people read "your" blog? I do. Why do people visit mine? Is it the pictures (not)....? Ha Ha. I still need a new camera but have no idea what I want. Here is a list of what I like...
1. Loads of picture's (before and after are the best)
2. Blogs that are real (not afraid to show a few crumbs)
3. Ideas for the home (love this)
4. Bargins that you find while junkin'
5. When you find someone else's blog worthy to share ( get tissue's ready)
6. When you just talk about what's on your heart
7. After leaving a comment on someone's blog they visit you back(I think that's so polite)
That's what draws me to read a blog. Some blogs I find myself going to a few times a day. Hoping... wishing that they would give us an extra treat and post 2x's a day. I love when we keep it real and are hear to lift each other up . What draws you to a blog? I would love to hear from you..... Smiles, Susie


  1. Humor.



    Wonderful creations, of whatever sort you make.

    Did I mention pictures?

    I also like real people. I read a few of the more commercial blogs, but I rarely comment, because you just don't get the feeling that there is anyone who cares about what you might want to say, on the other end. People who respond to your questions and comments, people who admit to faults and are not all gloss, people who show you themselves.

    And pictures. :p

  2. Ha...that's my specialty. Blurting out the awkward. :p

    Don't get me wrong, I do read some commercial ones, because they DO have interesting stuff periodically, but I find that I just won't get into a lot of them until the personal connection has been made for me, usually by a recommendation from one of their friends, who happens to be one of my friends, or at least someone I respect and admire. Otherwise, it's just some big, glossy, impersonal thing, and you don't feel like anyone even cares if you are there or not. Just not very fun. And for me, blogs are all about the fun. :p

  3. AnonymousMay 16, 2008

    I'm so glad you stopped by my blog. It's nice to meet you. I often wonder if anyone is actually reading it, so it's lovely when you get a comment. Definitely pictures are a must unless your camera is broken.

    The tassles and tin plaques you make are beautiful

  4. Well I like hearing real life stuff and photos of course and just seeing how the person lives and thinks....I don't get into the people who are trying to see themselves to HGTV or whatever.
    I mean it's fine and all but they are a bit impersonal. I like when people keep it REAL and aren't possibly trying to make a buck off of me....because I'm not trying to do that to them. But I do appreciate people being enterprising as well and I think it is a smart thing to work your blog also as a selling point....I'm not against it......just don't want it to be all about that and not about people. Because I looooove people.
    That's it from me......for whatever it's worth. Which isn't much.
    Be blessed,

  5. me too. i love pictures, good writing, someone i feel like could be a real friend.

  6. Definitly pictures, blogs that are real, ones that you need tissues for, and those that make me laugh out loud! Especially those that I read that make me feel like I know this person's heart, and I have a connection with. Oh yeah, and those that inspire me...which are most blogs I read!!

  7. OH know I have to read your blog even if the pictures stink...CAUSE YA MY SISTA....LUV YA

  8. This is such a great list. Love the idea to share what you find at yard sales, etc. I always think about doing this & never do. I'm terrible with lists, I love pics, ideas for crafts/home/kids, etc. I think the biggest draw is the writing style & like you said being real!

  9. Hi, Susie ... Thank you for taking the time to leave a note on my blog. I'm so glad I had the chance to see yours -- it's so elegant, yet "down to earth." I love the name of it, too ... very appropriate for South Louisiana. GEAUX TIGERS!

    I've added you to my "Favorites," and will be back to visit again soon.



  10. I Love to be inspired and all the things you talked about is what makes me go back again, and again, but also Blaogs that make me feel at home, or think "...
    I love their life!"
    music helps. and I agree with it is so polite when I comment and they write back just to say Thank You. : )

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