And the winner is...

Thank you for leaving such sweet and inspirational comments. This 100th post giveaway was so much fun. I will have to find a new reason to host a givewawy soon.
Ok enough of the rambling and on to the winner... Rhoda! You can find her at her awesome blog
Congratulations Rhoda! If you would please drop me a email at with your info so I can get your little sweetie in the mail. Thanks for playing everyone!

I did it !!!!

I now have my very own etsy shop! I hope to sell my goodies and not have to bore you with all of the details. I do hope that you will stop by and check it out. Please make any suggestions and by all means be honest. I need your help! I will be listing new things often. Getting that perfect, not blurred, close enough shot doesnt come easy for me. So please be kind when it comes to that part. Im working with daughters camera so need I say more. ;) Ok so I cant blame it all on that little camera.. Im not the best photographer but all of you know that by now.... Now I just have to figure out how to put etsy on my sidebar... Susie

Stuff I found...

I went junkin'last Saturday and found a few things worthy to bring home. Living in Louisiana it's hard to come across "good finds". People here get real attached to their stuff and find it hard to let things go. I know, I have that same problem. Im getting better cause I have to make room for new junk.
Found tons of ribbon that I couldnt live without and the sweetest birdcage. Im still looking for a wooden one. Two shelves, one I have already painted black. The other I sanded a bit. Im searching for that perfect piece of "treasure" this weekend. Maybe we can come up with another good idea!. PS... Tommorow will be the big day! If you havent already left a comment scroll down a post or two and leave one under 100th post. I hope you win.... Smiles, Susie


Coasters 101

I have given away so many of these little darlings. They make great teachers gifts and I can never have enough around my house. The problem I have is getting people to use them. What you need to run out and get... Tile's... you can find these at any home inprovement or flooring center. I try and stay with a semi-smooth tile (not the slick). I like the tumbled stone look. I add some small felt stickie's to the back. This will just protect your furniture from maybe getting scratched. I wash my tiles first just to knock off any dust or dirt then Im ready to stamp away. I use a good ink that wont wash off with soap and water. Stamp it up girls!!! If you make an opps while stamping it's ok. I use goo gone before it drys. When giving as a gift I bundle them up in a group of four, tie a cute bow, and add a tag. Who would not love getting a set of these babies. ***** Just a few extra hints.... I also enjoy making trivets, you know the things you place your hot pots on. You just get the tile a size larger(not the 12x12) those are too big. I bought a set of stamps with fancy letters... You get the hint.... be creative and have fun! Susie H

This is going to be fun...

Im working on a new post to show you ladies. I make these little cuties and give them as gifts. I think everyone would love to have these around their house. So, with that being said and me being the nice lady I Im off to take pictures for you nice people to see. Here are a few pictures (not mine) of a few things we will be using. Susie H

It's not Pottery Barn...

It's not Pottery Barn....

I find it hard to allow myself to have a clutered fridge door. I find it even harder to not show off Madison's works of art. She is such the artist and makes sure to bless me with a new creation everyday. Thats where my problem comes in. Fridge door overload! I also cant bring myself to pay Pottery Barn prices but love their look.
It's off to the lumber store I go. 1. Get you some chair rail molding. 2. Those little picture wall hanger thingies. 3. Paper clipies things form Office Depot. 4. Paint. I got sweet hunny to cut my boards the length I wanted. Nailed picture hanger hooks on the back. Painted . I then nailed those sweet little paper clipie thigs on and WAA LAA. If you make one hope you let me see your spin on it! If you have a second drop down a post and leave a comment. You may get lucky! Madison will draw for me on Friday! Keep smiling... Susie H

100th post GIVEAWAY!!!!

Yeah! It's my 100th post and you know what that means. Free stuff. I love stumbling across a 100th post. It's so much fun. Just one day, maybe one day, I will get lucky!You know the drill Im sure ladies... Leave the sweet comments that we all love so much and you may just be the lucky one. Im giving away one of my sweet TASSELS. Not sure just which one yet. It could be the "BIRDHOUSE" or the "SASSY ONE" or maybe "OH LA LA" . Let me know your favorite and I may just have to grant your wish. Sorry but the "MR. Bear" is on hold for now. A friend has her eye on him at the moment. Good luck! Susie

Going green.. (caution...This post is bright)

After talking about it (in my head) for weeks I did it! I went green...Not just any green "Sassy Green" by Sherwin Williams. While in Canton I bought these sweet little tea towels. I will show the rest to you on another days post. There was this one tea towel that had the coolest shade of green. I matched it up on my handy dandy paint book thingamabob (cant live without) and the color was Sassy Green. That it is! It's not a color for Sissy's. I had to go real deep to be bold and brave enough to do it.Im glad I did. It's cool and crisp and like it's name... SASSY. I want to have a party at my house just to show her off. If you want to bring life to a boring beige bathroom and are not afraid to go green... This color is for you!

I wish....

I wish I had a great post for you gals. I would have it packed with great pictures, good ideas that you could all use. I would have great words of wisdom that would change your world. I would have that perfect recipe that you could make and everyone in your house would eat and love it. Well my sweet friends, I dont. What I can tell you is this... I did work on that sweet chair of mine. I was able to have her sanded down and painted. Im searching now for some fabric to finish her off with. I'm sure as the summer rolls on in my posting will be modge podge! Who knows what you may get.Im also looking for a bookself for my room. I may get lucky and find one while junkin' one day. That's the fun about junkin'. You just never know what you will find. My husband is not much on junkin'. Im sure he loves the money that I save . To me its the fun of making something new again! I love it!

How to make a fool out of yourself....

Didnt find much while junkin' in the rain. I did get wet and my hair grew four sizes. Not a pretty sight, trust me! You know sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself. Well I did today. I saw some pictures that were taken while at my sisters camp a few weekends ago. Middle child and Niece were trying to teach my sister and I how to do this dance. Shall I say.... I didnt get it! Guess they wont be asking me to visit Dancing With The Stars. I thought for a minute or two whether or not to share this with all of you. Im sure you needed a laugh so here's one on me.

Im going junkin' in the rain..

I am going to try and hit a few shops today. Just cant stand this house any longer. So girls Im putting on my boots and Im heading out in the rain. What a girl will do to find sweet junk to re-make. Im taking daughters little camera but Im sure the batteries are dead and the memory card is full. Im gonna try.... Wish me luck! Oh, if you have time drop down a post and let me know what you like in a blog. I would love to hear from you... Susie