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Last week I had the pleasure talking to a designer at a well known store in Baton Rouge. After strolling through and wanting one of everything she had I asked her the big question.... So what's the new big thing for this year? As you know Southern Ladies have their own style. It's not that we are behind the times or even ahead. We just know what we like and build around it. I of course have a house full of the ever so famous Fluer De Lis. I was in love with them long before they hit big. I have now moved on . My house cannot hold another. Dont get me wrong I still have a special love for them and they will remain a big part of my home BUT... New things are always welcome here. I have a long love for artichokes. Yes, I know isnt that crazy. You dont find many around but it's so much fun when you do. I think it's the thrill of the hunt. Getting back to what's new... Artichokes and Butterflys. Can you believe it! One other thing Im sure that yall have noticed already. Those sweet little nest are everywhere! Now with my brain full of knowledge (that I already knew and loved) I turned to my yummy Ballard Designs. Yes they had butterfly's flying all around their front cover. Gotta love it. Now to find my favorite artichokes. I still hold on to whats true in my heart. It's not what's in or out. It's what makes you smile. Now that you know artichokes are my love what's yours. I would love to know. Susie


  1. I love toile and willow dishware. Toile is my top. I have not a piece in my home at the moment, but I am working on a project at the moment that is going to incorporate it. :)

  2. what a great blog...I am so busy with this new job I can't even think about dinner, much less whats in. Yeah yeah I know , I am turning into one of those people that I hate. But I am keeping true to my heart....MONEY will not RULE me. I WILL RULE IT !!

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