Staying busy...

Today I just had to stop! I have been in "full speed ahead" mode for weeks now. This morning my little one, Maddy asked for me to have lunch with her today. Knowing I had a kazillon things to do I said "sure honey". Sometimes you just have to slow down and see what matters. The look on her little face when I walked into her lunchroom, priceless! We ate our grilled cheese and shared a few chips. That was just enough to make her day, mine too! So what if evrything on my list is not done... Im sure it will wait. Time wont.


  1. I love that pic of her. It's so pretty! Your right, we all need to just take a moment to slow down.

  2. Susie you are so right. I need to do the same, your little one is gorgeous how could anyone resist that face? Have a wonderful day, Hugs Paula

  3. Hey Susie! I wasn't sure about the blogger world at first either! I didn't get the whole comment thing until recently (well, around the time I came to Korea or so) and that is also when I started blogging more regularly! I'm glad you stopped back by! I'll be sure to bookmark your page this time and visit often to see what is going on with you! Don't you just love blogging! I like your page background, too! Mine needs an update, but I will lose widgets (I just learned what those are recently)!! :) Hope you had a great Mother's Day!


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