Shhhh... I have a secret

My family thinks I have a problem. You see I love to change things in and around my house (daily). Because I live in the real world I have a budget. That limits what I can change and how much I can spend. Bummer I know but I do get creative. After changing some things up in the den and my dinning room my foyer was just bugging me. I love my yummy chocolate walls but they just didn't fit in with the new changes. PAINT... it's not the painting it's the chore of picking out the color. I know this little birdie that talks about her favorite color often. Tobacco Road.. Well I took her advice and went down that road. I cant believe that I chose a color that I have not seen, touched, and spent weeks on end with the paint chip in my purse. Yes ladies, I went out on a limb and trusted The Nester. Did she let me down ? Absolutely Not! I love it and yes it did make me smile. Just look how brighter my foyer looks now. It just flows right into my den. She said it would change my world and it did. It's a bit brighter thanks to Miss Nester. She has it going on ladies. I only wish I were half as nifty as she. Susie


  1. misty greenApril 05, 2008

    You amaze me woman! I have never met someone that changes their wall color more than you! It looks beautiful!

  2. Most of our house is "Greens"....even our ceiling in the front room. Green is IN. HA!
    We just redid the bathroom and I "thought" we were going to use a gold/tanish color......well....we went with a "greenish" color. Go figure. HA! It's VERY nice...I will have photos once I get the accesories I want. I'm having a HUGE problem with that part. Blah!
    I might be tooooo picky.
    See ya,


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