Ring Day......

Tonight was a big night for Jesse. He got his RING!!!!!I guess now you can call him a senior! Cant believe we have made it this far so fast. Oh where does the time go? He is off now to a ring day party. It's so scary... If I had my way he would be back at home. Guess this is where the worried parent kicks in. I just pray that he has a nice time and makes it home safe and sound. I dont even want to think about next year at this time. Senior trip.... I miss that little boy. Another sleepless night I guess.... Susie


  1. Great ring choice. It looks great! Time does fly. I know I will be in the same spot soon enough. I can't believe my oldest will be 9 this year. I look back at pictures from kindergarten and think "wow, it seems like only yesterday".

  2. Nice ring.....nice bling. HA! My son's ring was just like that...huge!
    Well, his next year will go fast.....believe me..we are there right now with our son then it will be Miss Priss next year. :~(

    Then we're moving to Switzerland. HA!
    Well...maybe somewhere a bit warmer. But they still will have to have some GOOD chocolate.
    See ya!

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  4. Hi Susie, Thanks for stopping by my blog. I just love your post a few days ago of the parents on prom night. Mine are still so young, but I find myself relating to you in those parent feelings. I know it will be no time before I'm sending mine off as well.

  5. Your new look is great! I swear there is no way that you could possibly have a child old enough to be getting a class ring! You look more like a sister than a Mom! You must be very proud of him...Have a great night! Angie

  6. Susie your family is beautiful! Enjoy this year with your son..it flies by so quickly. My oldest will graduate next month I think I will need a valium. What has happened to the Antique Cafe? She has a blog then doesn't then does then changes her name and now she's gone again. Has she changed her name again? Just wondering I love to read her posts and I know that you know her pretty well? Hugs Paula

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