Parents of prom night....

Just thought I would give you a peek behind the scenes. This is what the parents look like.... Jesse is dating our very good friends daughter, Meagen. As you can see our hair is not done and we are in warm up's. No it's not fresh makeup on our faces just smile's. Watching those two sweet babies going down that driveway, priceless. It's moments like these that I will forever remember. After they were out of sight we headed out to eat. Yes, dressed in our Momma attire. Im sure we will get very little sleep if any tonight. Lisa and I will call each other many times Im sure. Susie


  1. Hi Susie, my husband was out of town and the kids were keeping me hoppin'. get the picture. I had stopped by and saw your handsome boy I hope he had a wonderful prom. I use oil base glaze and oil base stain. For the cabinets I did 2Tablespoons of glaze to 3tablespoons of stain (pecan was the color) it's a pretty good chocolate color but a walnut glaze would give you an even richer look. So I guess that would be a 2 to 3 ratio...just mix til ya like it. I hope to see more of your tassels soon. Hugs Paula

  2. Hey Susie,
    How did the Prom end up?? You changed up your site again. I NEED you to help me. HA!
    I'll write you sometime, I've been buuuuusy. How bout you? I checked into Canton and mentioned it to my good friend Diane but I think we are going to pass on it this year. Too many other things going on in May. Ugh.
    I have to get through this weekend then Graduation! Lord have mercy.
    And He does, so that's the good thing. HA!
    Talk to you later....

  3. Hey, Susie, thanks for stopping by to see me! Oh, you did it all right on the background. That's the old background I had up, cause I did that screenshot before I changed it to the new one. I love that one too, but if you want to change it out, just go & browse on some fabric sites & find another one you like, save it & then follow the steps.

    Take care!

  4. Hey, Susie, are you sure your getting the whole tagline for the pic?? You load the pic, right click to open the Properties, & then highlight that WHOLE line that starts with http & end with jpg. I you get the whole line & paste in right where I said, it should come up for you. Look at it again.


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