My friends...

Im sorry for being so greedy with my friends. I have been wanting to add all of my dear friends to my blog but just didnt want to stop and take the time. Now everyone can see where I visit everyday. Dont you just hate those trackers on peoples blogs!!! Now everyone can see how many times I check on them in one day. Yes, If you dont have a new post in the morning I think I have to keep checking in over and over. My goodness, I hope some of you dont think Im stalking. I know, I have one of those darn trackers too. I was just wanting to get an idea of who stops by to visit. I have had people from all over. So now you know... you are welcome to stop by as many times a day as you like. Not that Im all that but If your just like me(a bit nosey) Your always welcome! Oh I almost for got to tell you what I found this morning. I went to a garage sale nextdoor to my daughters school and found a huge mirror. It's UGLY and GOLD. I hope to sand and paint it this weekend. I know I still have to work on that sweet chair. Marc is going fishing so I may just have some time to work on it. Hope you have a blessed weekend..... Susie


  1. I too have a tracker...Lol...It's amazing how people find your blog as well just through search engines. I check peoples in the morning as well and through out the day until they post! Lol..I am a nosey one too, haha. Regarding your comment to me..I am trying so hard with money and looking forward to Sunday to see what else I learn. I would also love a vacation, but just can't see putting the money towards one when I can see that money some where else that is much needed....Also good luck with your mirror. I hope you are also able to get a camera soon. Can't wait to see all these things you are doing! : )


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