Madison's headboard and tassel.....

Here are the pictures that I wanted to share with all of you. Yes,they are taken with my daughters camera. Need I say more, (smile). I feel like a little blurred is better than nothing. The headboard was made with just wood that I bought from Lowes and cut to size. I wrapped it in a few layers of "fluff stuff" that I stapled on. Then came the fabric... $2.00 a yard at Wally World. It took me a little over a yard to cover the board. I then stapled down where I wanted my buttons to be. Then I strung a small ribbon through the button holes and tied a knot. Took out "Miss GG" ,my trustie glue gun and glued those babies down. Waaalaaaa. There you go, so easy! I also wanted to share a few shots of Madison's tassel. I made one for her and didnt stop... they are so much fun to make. Not sure on the one I will keep and others to bring for the show.If Miss Nester flys by my blog I hope she finds my tassels worthy. Her's are to die for,honest! She has been making them for years and I only a couple. Maybe one day I will be as great as she, hehe. I keep dropping hints that I need a camera to survive in my blogland. My sweet hunny is not taking the bait. I will not charge a thing so I will just have to save till I get enough to buy one. Im trying hard to prove to the Lord that I can be responsible with his money.Not an easy task for me. Hope you enjoy the pictures - the blurrr. Have a great weekend! Many Smile's, Susie


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