In the counrty....

My sister Missy and her husband just bought a new place in the country. It's their little get-away for the weekends. Im sure the guys will do alot of hunting in the fall. It has around 65 acres, house, and a barn for horses. Marc and I and the three kids went to see it. It's very nice and I could see myself getting many books read. All you hear are birds and yes all of our children..... It was just fun family time. We hope to go again soon. Oh and to top it all off ... We boiled two sacks of crawfish with many mushrooms, onions,corn and we even boiled a pickle!!! Susie


  1. Oh my goodness I would love a week there with a good Nicholas Sparks book and alot of that food. It was good to here from you,your girls room looks great can't wait for more pictures! Paula

  2. I love the country! I just wouldn't wanna live there. I have to be close to the grocery store, gas station and hosipitals. But, I do love me some country! I grew up in AL where we would go to my neice and nephews house all the time and they lived in the country. Oh the bon fires, watching the cows in their back yard (yes, I am for real) and riding their golf cart through the cow pasture! Oh the memories! : )

  3. Hey Susie!
    Thanks for stopping by. I love the look of your's very pretty. Yes, we are Penn Stater's going all the way back several generations! My uncle also was a Prof there after he retired from the Air Force. (Small world, eh?) He is now retired from Penn State as well, but they live in State College. B & I don't get up there very often, but my Mom & Dad still have season tickets to the football games, so they go all the time....and once and awhile will take our kids with them! :)

    Nester is the best, isn't she???

  4. WOW the "pickle" thing was new to me. HA!
    Louisiana people BOIL anything....ha! We've done sausage and carrots and mushrooms, onions, potatoes and corn....but that pickle is killing me! HA! I will have to tell Don that for next time we do a boil. Not that I want one though. HA!

    I bet the "Queen Bee's" camp is great. I want one. Seriously.

    I was in this stupid traffic all day today. I told Miss Priss we HAVE to get to a smaller town. UGH!!
    I will write you soon.

  5. whos idea was the pickle?? i think it was mine, thanks for stealing my photos!

  6. Oh, how I want to be part southern girl. Truly! I am a Northern California transplant. We live on ten acres in the country, right on the outskirts of a sweet little MS town. I love it here! There is a charm and genuine hospitality, that I have never experienced. The people I have met here have been so kind and so real. Such trusting folks (see, when I was in CA I would never have used the term "folks"). Tomorrow night our Sunday School class is meeting for a crawfish boil. I really do want to have the taste for crawfish, I have tried them and will try them again tomorrow night...I figure if I get some in my system, it will transform me even more. :o) I love my roots - don't misunderstand - but I really do wish I had more of the ones that are here! :o) I am actually using the term "ya'll" a bit more, rather than "you guys". It's a start! :o) ~ Tricia Anne


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