Im such a duffus...

Ok, I will tell you this cause yall are my friends and wont judge me too hard. A while back I recieved a comment from someone that I didnt know. Sooo I just clicked on to see who she was. BIG mistake! She was a photographer and did alot of her work with nude clients. At first I thought it was maybe my friend Misty paying me back for a trick I played on her yrs ago. NOT! I took her comment off as fast as I could. I would have felt so bad if one of yall would have found it. I think she was from Spain. Anyway I thought it would be best if I would just check my comments first before putting them out for the world to see. The point Im getting at is... For days now I didnt see any comments. I started to worry. Did I say something wrong? Did I offend someone? Where were all of my sweet friends? Then it clicked. I had to proof read them because they just didnt pop up like they use to. Oh thank goodness. So Im just now getting to read all of my comments from days past. Thank you for sticking it out with me. I put my comments back up so if you should read a ick one please just let me know. Thanks... Susie


  1. I did the same thing. I had posted something that was getting some rude comments, so I put the moderation on and it didn't dawn on me for a day or two why I wasn't seeing my comments. Your not a duffus....Just a mom! We have other things on our mind.

  2. I got that odd one too.....on my spot. I was thinking when I looked at "Hello...I don't read Spanish" then it was like ...YIKES these people are pretty "naked." Good grief! HA! So don't feel bad. It happened to me too.
    I haven't been in the "loop" so that's the only reason I haven't dropped you some notes on here. I still get you via e-mail though! :~)
    Hang in there......

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