Good news..bad news...

The good news first, Drake is doing much better. The Dr. put him on two med's 2X's a day. It's not easy giving him anything . He is up and about now. Now for the bad news... No pictures for a bit. My old camera died so my Dad let me use his for a while to see if I liked it. I did! The only thing is he now wants it back. What that means for me, no pictures. I have a hard time posting to all of you and not adding my pictures. I have a headboard that I made for Madison's bed(cute) and tons of new tassels to show you. I made a tassel to match Madison's bedroom and it came out sooo cute I had to make more. It has sweet little rose buds on it. Im so sorry I cant show all of you. Maybe after my next craft show I will have some fun money and I can purchase a new camera. Any suggestions on what kind? I would love to hear from you. So please hang in there with me and I will have pictures soon. Thanks for being so dear..... Susie


  1. It's great that Drake is doing better! Sorry to hear about your camera. We got a new one back before Christmas..It's a Casio, 10 megapixel. I love it! You can do so much with it. I am still learning all the things you can do with it, lol. Can't wait to see the headboard as well as tassels. Hope you get to post pics soon! : )

  2. Susie, so glad your doggie is doing better. It takes lots of patience to medicate a pet doesn't it? I have a camera - just no time to download the photos. I'm looking forward to seeing your tassels! Susan :)

  3.'s ALWAYS something isn't it Susie? Well.....there are so many good cameras out there I don't know what to tell you. I need a new one too because ours is getting older and it gives me a bit of problems now and then it's a Kodak. Which is good but it's like 8 years old at LEAST now. I think. HA!
    EWWWWW....I REALLLLLY want to see that new headboard for Madison's BED! I need a new one and I want to have us make one as well but haven't a CLUE what to do. I just haven't had time to look or research anything so if you have the plan already I say..."why re-invent the wheel" you know? HA!
    Plus....the tassel's sound cute.
    I'm poooooped. But have to get off the comp and get on with somethings SOON. So I need to go.
    Lunch at a friend's today. Should be fun....I'm just so tired.
    Talk to you soon.
    Camera's are fairly cheap now maybe even try Target? I got one for Miss Priss there last year I think it was and my son Caleb got his there as well during Thanksgiving on "Black Friday" when they had the BIG SALE ads. His is super thin and takes great photos.

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