Whats a Mom to do.....

It was late in the evening and Jesse was returning from the hunting camp. I could hear little giggles from Miss Maddy so I knew something was up. Then maddy warned Jesse " Momma's gonna spank your butt". Now what could cause all of this commotion you may ask... A Puppy. Yes, another mouth to feed, body to bathe, noise maker,and not to mention the mess they make. Mom... it's just a puppy. I know, I have heard those words before.. Im the one tending to the needs. Did we keep it? You know it! All it took was one snuggle and I was hooked. Now Im back at square one with a new born. How do kids do it?


  1. Oh Susie congratulations on your new addition. Everyone needs a blog dog (I'm working on getting photos of mine as we speak). Your things from Sherri look fabulous I headed over to her blog to shop but a blog removal message came up? Have a great day and enjoy your new snuggle bug, it looks like he probable won't stay small for long. :)Paula

  2. Aww..He's adorable! He reminds me of our dog Angel. She is huge now (lab and chow mix), but looked just as small and cute when we brought her home. It really does only take one snuggle. :)

  3. Girl......that looks like a Black Lab and we have one....and we love him dearly. But DO NOT let that dog live in your house forever...because they SHED something horrible. Our dog was a baby when he came to live with us and our kids slept with him and still do. HA! But I cannot keep up with the mess he makes. Most Labs chew things like crazy too.....ours doesn't and he's a super GOOOOOD dog. Very, very, sweet. But gets on our furniture and sleeps on it when we aren't home or are in our rooms....then we come home and see him and he runs because he knows he's in trouble.
    The dog hair is unreal. I never knew Lab's shed so much.
    Can't help but love them. Keep the puppy in while he's little....but transfer him out later.
    See ya,

  4. Yeah it was great to come home to a clean house, but of course always some thing to do. Just got out of the kitchen and it is 8:00. If you ever need a dog sitter count me in...but NOT the kids LOL.. BEE HAPPY MISSY

  5. MG StudiosMarch 05, 2008

    What an adorable puppy! Almost makes me want another! NOT! Labs are very active and will tear everything up. Just prepare youself...don't lose it like I did! Miss you,

  6. He is a doll! How could you not say "yes" to a face like that?
    xo Lidy


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