This is what you will need..

First you need to find a Hobby Lobby. I dont think my life could go on if Hobby Lobby closed their doors. I visit with them about once a week. Ok , enough for the plug on Hobby Lobby.In the candle dept. you will find glass votives. That's your first goodie. Then hop on over to the clay pot's and find a saucer to fit. The votive should fit just inside. A nice plate would work as well. What ever tickles your fancy. I always like the "garden look". While in the clay pot area look for your tiny flower pot. They are just so darn cute! I found the tiny nest in the flower dept. Add eggs and grass and there you have it! One sweet little cloche.


  1. SOO very cute, You are so smart to think of the little baby ones...I just think you could give me yours. If you do , I'll bring ya somethin back from MICKEY See ya when I return LOVE , MISSY

  2. WOW those are FAB! I loved them....when I first looked at them I thought they were the big ones....then I see that they are "votives".....very cool ideal.

    Your brilliant. HA!
    I will have to try them out. I did find a very cute one....regular sized already made up for Spring and it is SOOO cute. I'll show you later on....
    Going to bed now. Good to hear that your doing well.
    See ya!


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