Plates in the bedroom....

You bet! I cant take the credit for this sweet idea cause it's in every magazine you see. But.... I can say that I did this little charm for next to nothing. Now you may say that the plates dont line up or they dont match. One may even be a little off. Thats the beauty of it! It doesnt have too.:) I will have to tell you ladies that I have change it about three more times. Just too lazy to take more picture. You get the idea. So if you like, help yourself and copy. Just a little hint. Try out a flea market or garage sale for you treasure's. As you know mine came from the Grand Good Will. Im in love... It makes me smile. Im now looking around for my next big project. I could pick from so many things in this house. Im on the hunt for an old bird cage. Guess I better hit some sales. Many blessings your way my friends, Susie


  1. You don't know me, I'm new to blogging. I was browsing my daughter's site and kept clicking "next blog" at the top until I got one in English.

    Love the plate idea. I have quite a number of decorative plates that have been in my husband's family. Now I know where I'll hang them!

    I heard from an old friend recently and we promised each other we'd get together. I'm going to make sure that happens.

    Yes, God is good!

  2. It's great feeding off of the energy of Spring & decorating, isn't it? I am starting a few projects of my own and love seeing all that you have been up to. I just finished altering a shower curtain for my son's bathroom - love making regular items seem custom. Good luck with all your projects! I'm blog hopping today and found my way here from The Secret's been a pleasure visiting.

  3. You have outdone yourself again. Why is it that when spring comes we want to alter the inside of our homes when we should be outside planting? Here's to multitasking!!!Hugs Paula

  4. love it my dear! Clever. Clever. Clever - It looks fab - and I've always wanted a four-post bed - that is really nice. How ya doing today sweets? I got TONS of orders out this afternoon and I am SO tired I can hardly stay awake. Maybe this weekend we can chat - Hopefully I will be done by then!
    xoxo Sher

  5. I love it! I wished that we had room in our bedroom to do that. Unfortunatly the only places our bed can go on either wall is under a window! Crazy carpenters...Anyways. I may have to do this in one of the girls rooms as they get older.

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