Oh Miss Sherri...

As all of you may know... Miss Sherri from The Antique Paperie Is one of my very special friends. I look forward to reading her post everyday. Why, you may ask? Well she has such a sweet way with words. She inspires to write a book one day. Trust me, I will be the first in line to purchase when its hot off the press. She also has such a big heart. Well I won her valentine give away. Can I tell you it was like Christmas time in Feburary. The box was filled to the top with sure delight! The sweetest glass hearts in "pink". The cutest little rolling pin, her adorable mini wooden boxes. Oh yes, there's more.... A yummy eraser from Cavallini and the cutest little nest with two tiny eggs . A magazine from the greatest "Paula Dean". An awesome book on entertaining that I will put to use one day. A flower pot with wonderful ribbons in which to hang. Nestled in layers of tissue was a vintage glass container that I already put to use. I saved the best for last..... Her wonderful tag's!!!! Ladies, her tags are to die for. You have to order at least one for yourself. Trust me, when you see these in person you will be back for more. I love the ribbon and the sweet touches of glitter. Sherri you are such an angel to me in more ways than one. You have been such a dear friend. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope I didnt leave anything out. The box was so full and each wrapped piece was like a new treasure. On top of it all was a beautiful pink rose. Thank you again my dear sweet friend, xoxox..... Susie


  1. OH, I can't wait to get over there and see what ya got!! If there is anything you can't use I'll be happy to give it a home. LOL

  2. Okay......I'm going crazy now. I want to see her stuff up close. HA! I may have to meet you for lunch....and see it. HA! Bring your sister too and we can all meet. HA!
    We need to seriously set a date for lunch though soon.

  3. It all looks wonderful!

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