Here's what coming...

I know it's late but I just couldnt wait. I have been doing a little of this and some of that in the house. Buying a new loveseat for our den just rocked my world. As you remember my den is boring beige along with our leather sofa. Boy did I jump in deep. My loveseat is rusty red... Need I say more. That means big changes for the hub of the house. New drapes or in order and pillows etc... I have been working on a few things and cant wait to share. My daughter says she feels like we have moved to a farm and its too country. It's "FRENCH COUNTRY" and I love it! So cozy and fresh. Hope to see you back soon so I can share all of my big changes with you! Goodnight, Susie


  1. I love french country! I can't wait to see pics. That is the idea I am trying to do in our kitchen. Btw..I am tagging you..come on over to see what to do..

  2. Ok Susie now you have us all in suspense get those great pics up quick! hugs Paula


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