Her name is Lizzie..

Madison has stuck with a name(I think). It's Lizzie. She has moved right into our hearts and Madison's bed. I hate to see when Madison goes back to school on Tuesday. I guess I will have to just kitty sit. I dont think I would mind a bit. She is just so darn cute. After reading FiFi's post on adopting It touched my heart. We knew we wanted another cat but just didnt know when. As you may remember we lost ours a while back. It was just so hard on all of us I wasnt ready . I guess we were just waiting on Miss Lizzie. When you walk into that animal shelter get ready. It's hard not to take them all home. Maw Maw even came over to greet her new Grandkitty. So if you have room in your house and heart...think adoption. Trust me , you wont be sorry.Susie


  1. Lizzie is so ADORABLE! Thanks for showing us her photos. What a lovely thing you did!
    She is going to be loved forever!

  2. Lizzie is so cute! I am sure that she fits right in. Your right, when you go to the shelters you can't help but wanna take them all. I am even that way when it comes to a stray dog without a collar, I wanna pick it up and take it home with me.

  3. I can't decide which one is more adorable,,,,Madison or Lizzie?

  4. I live in Diamondhead! Small world. The south side of Diamondhead, where the Yacht Club was, was all slabbed. The area I'm in about 400 homes flooded, some with as much as 11 feet of water. Poor Bay St Louis and Waveland, they are struggling back. Lots of people ending up moving to Dhead. Glad they are getting back to normal! Love the Dhead craftfair, you coming this fall?

  5. Your Madison is adorable! And that is one lucky kittie. Shelter pets are the best they are so appreciative. Hugs Paula

  6. Hi Susie, thank you for visiting my site! When someone visits, I look at their site too, and how cute yours is! Your daughter Madison is adorable there sleeping with Lizzie. What a sweet picture!
    Have a great day,

  7. Darling little Lizzie - It's good to see Madison's face so happy! I think Lizzie is the perfect name - such a fuzzy cute thing! And her photo in the Tutu - Priceless!!!
    Good Job mama, so happy you got that kitty for Maddy girl.
    xoxo Sher

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