Getting ready to go...

Today Im putting some last minute touches on thing's. I know that you may have heard me talk about my up coming show's. Well the time has come. Yeah!!! I have been working so hard to get ready. I will be praying just as hard for no rain.I think it may be a bit chilly but we can live with that. This weekend will be a two day show at Oak Alley Plantation. So ladies if your headed south come by and see us. The grounds are to just die for and the home speakes for itself. I have a special place in my heart for plantation homes. Years back I worked as a tour guide for a local plantation. Yes, I wore the big hoop dress and everything. It was like playing dress up everyday. My sweetie and I were married at this same plantation. With much sadness it burned to the ground.So much lost.... Well, I will try to snap a few pictures while at the show so I can share with all of you. Take care my dear friends and wish me luck!


  1. That looks like a lovely place. I wish that I could go. I wish you much luck my friend!

  2. I hated when it burned down, it was such a LOSS of history. Interesting that you and your husband were married there! I don't think I will be going this weekend we are SWAMPED with things to do. So I will have to catch you in person at another time. I hope the sale goes very gooooood for you though. Is your sister or someone helping you?

  3. Sounds amazing! Hope your sale goes wonderfully!

    kari & kijsa

  4. Wish I could go this weekend, but I am in the moving process and we have a wedding tonight. I hope you sell out. I have been to some of the plantations. I met the man who manages Oak Alley at a town dinner in Lutcher, sat next to him and told us we could visit anytime. Best wishes for a beautiful day and sales. Pat

  5. good luck , will pray for warmer weather...LOVE YA ...MISS

  6. Suzie,
    I prayed for you today because it is SOOO COLD! Brrr.....I really hope this isn't hindering the sale. Keep us posted and I will be thinking of you tomorrow.


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