Getting ready for another show...

Oh yes, spring is here and that means Canton Mississippi's spring craft show is near. I love this show! We attend both the fall and spring . The spring show is a bit smaller but small by no means. I have been in the shows for a little over five years now. I started out with copper now on to new things. For the last two years I have made my plaques and house blessings. My Mom gave me a book on tassels some time back. I have been playing around with them as well. They go well with my house blessings and are so much fun to make. I love ribbons and tassels and bows... So I try to use them in any form I can. I have wanted to post my little darlings on my site from time to time. I may just go for it. I have seen other blogs with their sweet treats for sale. As a matter of fact one of my favorite blogs that I visit daily makes tassels as well. Maybe thats why I love her so... We have everything in common. She even has the same Sherwin Williams colors in her home as I do. Now that's scary. I think I have met my twin. Our styles are so much alike. Im sure you know just what nest I fly so often to. Yep, The Nester. I would move nextdoor to her if I could. She's one of those gals that you just have to love.Her tassels are to die for. I would buy her out if I didnt have a house full of my own. If I can get off my lazy patootie and snap some pictures I will show you some of my sweet treats headed for the spring show. Maybe just maybe... I may get brave enough and post some of my little darlings for sale. Smiles, Susie


  1. hey, those are really cute...I need one for my bedroom. And of course you could give me one for my new ya, MISS

  2. Those are beautiful. What talent, yes, sell them on your site. I'd buy!!!

  3. Well you should be selling them on your website....I want to get a closer look at the "nest" one it looks realllllly cute. HA! You told me you were doing some new tassels but these are VERY different and I am sure they will be a hit at Canton.

    I really should go to that this year. I have to check into it. I was going on a trip to Biloxi to see the "Lord of the Dance" but my friends and I changed our Canton might be a thought. Just all depends on graduation, etc.

    Guess we will attempt lunch another time then? Just let me know. Like I said...I'm pretty much always open except certain days...sorry to hear your little one has a fever. It was all that running around on that field trip in the humidity and the damp and with the pollen, I tell you. Ugh.
    Hope she feels better sooon....

    I'm tired but I can't sleep so here I am CHECKING blogs. Duh!
    I have a Scholarship meeting tomorrow with the youngest I need to get off to bed.
    Be blessed,

  4. I love them! The pink one at the top would go great it each girls room, and there were a few of the others that I could see in each room in the house! I hope that you decided to put them on your blog. I think that they would do great! :)

  5. I love your tassels. I love to visit the Nester daily as well. You are both very talented. What tassel book did your mom get you? (if you don't mind me asking). Please put them on your site to sell and I'll buy one for sure. Paula

  6. It's Joanna...Jo-Jo was my nickname all through school because my last name also had a JO in the begining of it. It just sorta stuck around. :)

  7. These are fabulous!! Isn't it so funny when you find someone that you "mesh" with! Definitely put them up on your site! Toodles..

  8. Thanks for the info. I would like to try some for Christmas gifts (we have "Homemade Christmas" at our house with the adults... so much fun)I love the fleur de lis tassel I think it is my favorite... or maybe my favorite is your nest tassel... or is it the.....


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