The Easter Bunny came...

Madison jumped in bed way too early this morning. She is always afraid to check out what the Easter Bunny or Santa brought. She will not go in the Den until we go with her.I think she is afraid that they might still be in the house. Oh what fun to be a child..


  1. Thanks for coming by and giving me the tips on Spanish Moss bugs! Happy Easter, nice to meet you!

  2. Oh to be a kid again, and believe in these things. It's so magical. I hate that with Kayla our days of magic are almost to an end.

  3. No dyed egges anymore at our one has time and no one appreciates them. They want cash. HA! Not really but you know what I mean when they are teenagers....they DID still get a basket full of candy. My husband said....."when is THAT going to end" and I said...."probably never." :~)
    See ya!


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