I got carried away and added the same picture twice. Looney me doesnt know how to take a picture off. Sorry


  1. Hi Susie, thanks for visiting my blog. I live near Lafayette, but have been living in Gramercy for about 10 months until my dad died.
    I have family there and in Houma. There are days when I want to move away from Louisiana,but this is my home and I love the culture. I have one child living on the Northwest coast and another living on the Northeast coast, but one very close to Lafayette. Hope we get to meet someday. Hugs, Pat

  2. Susie, I know all about the Oak Alley show----wish I could get enough stuff to do it. I think I may try and get my sister to go with me to it, because she is looking for nice things for her boutique in Gramercy. It's on main street and you can't miss it because it's hot pink--The Old, The New, and The Beautiful. She sells clothing, purses, jewelry and has some of my craft things there. My niece and nephew live in Houma--one is a Gaidry(well known family)They have a beautiful Victorian house and once owned a huge dairy there. Hope to meet you soon. Hugs, Pat

  3. Hey Suzie,
    Don't worry we are all a tad looney. HA!

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