My oldest....

I guess Im in the Mommie mode this week. Yesterday was such a nice day spending time with Kaylee. I always feel a little sad when I only take one child. I know they need that special one on one time but as a Mom you just hate to leave the others out.Now dont get me wrong, Jesse did not feel left out a bit. Shopping is not his thing unless it's checking out the new Bass Pro Shop or Cabella's. I guess what im trying to say is that its easy finding things to do with my daughters. With Jess being a 17yr old you have to get into his world. I have done my share of sitting in a Very Cold duck stand, Knee deep in water crabbing,or just getting covered in mud on a four wheeler. Maybe not what I would want to do everyday but if it means getting in his world that's what I do.He is one of those kids that is not scared to jump in and try something new. If he needs something fixed... he takes it apart. Scary now that he has his own truck! He's just a "good" kid. Im proud of him. It's not easy being a teenager in this world. So I guess I just needed to brag on my son a bit. His new love is welding. He is always bringing home a chunck of metal that he has made. He is quite good I must say. Thanks for taking the time and letting me brag a bit.. Jesse's Mom, xoxo Susie


  1. Well that was a nice story......ugh....we just went to Cabella's on Saturday. I was not impressed....I do want to see the new Bass Pro shop....we've been to SO many of them ALL across the nation including the main one in Missouri....that we've decided we like them better. We've been to other Cabella's too....but we still like the Bass Pro.

    Take him to the new B.P.and see what he thinks.....

  2. Susie..So nice to see you enjoying your time with your beautiful kids! I always loved being a mom and thought of it as my most important job.. How I wish i could go back sometimes just for a day, and have my boys as those precious towheaded little boys. .. thanks for sharing..claudia

  3. I know exactly the way it feels to leave one child home and take another one out with you. I love going out with the whole family but your right each child does need that one on one time! Ps. Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)


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