Maddy and Bandit


  1. Oh my gosh - beautiful Maddy and Bandit. What a beautiful child you & Marc have brought into the world. I feel so sorry for you guys right now - I hope that time will heal all wounds. Keep the sweet Memories of Bandit -
    Hugs my friend, Sherri

  2. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog and leaving the lovely comment. I am also a stay at home mum by choice and running a home business is great (most of the time)....... I truly love it... Your daughter is absolutely gorgeous you should be very proud... My only words of advice with the new business is just enjoy it, have lots of fun as when you get really busy it is sometimes hard to remember this (LOL!!!!!!!!!).....Take care Cathy

  3. Oh I am so sorry! I do not think it is silly at all! I love our precious dog so much, I would do the very same.


  4. Suzie,
    Ugh I so hate that it happened. Kids get so time "Miss Priss's" cat was run over in front of our house and she saw it and was crying when she said....."I know Patches got ran over because I didn't feed her when I should have." She was little and it was soooooo horrible on her. Try to keep Maddy's mind off of the incident if you can.
    Good thing they are off of school right now....take her to go play at McDonald's or something.
    Hey I went to Hobby Lobby today and STILL didn't see that stuff. Is that CRAZY or what?????


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