Look what I found.....

My sister and I went shopping on Saturday. Oh what fun we had! I cant seem to recall a shopping trip with her that I didnt like. Ok, well maybe not all the time. hehe... Anyway I promised that I would show my goodies. First, the estate sale. Many things to look at but I stuck to what I needed. "Your welcome, sweetie". I found some of the neatest vintage books. Oh my oh my, what a find. The pictures are all to die for. I will show you just a couple. On to the Red Door... It's only the best store in Baton Rouge. Look at the sweetest little birds nest. Tucked in it is tiny fern, moss and even bity feather's. How cute is that! On to Hobby Lobby to find eggs and more eggs. Thanks for taking a peep. Hope your weekend was as fun! xoxo, Susie


  1. Susie your treasures are incredible! I'm glad your shopping trip turned up some good finds. I love old books! Have a great day, Paula

  2. Hello! I was hopscotching my way through several blogs this eveing and, when I landed on yours, I was so surprised to see your copies of Ideals! I have four issues that belonged to my mother years ago: one for Christmas, one for Mother's Day, and two others. I agree with you about the illustrations. They are charming!

  3. I LOVE these Old Ideals too! Good find! claudia


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