It's a sad day today...

After a late night on the computer(trying to figure a few things out). I decided to go to bed, way too late. Wouldn't you know it... I was up early. Too many things running through my head. So I decided just to get up and start the day. I did get some cleaning done and my sister came over so we could take a walk. Anyway.... Marc and Madison were up and started in on the outside cleaning. Marc had loaded a few things in his truck to return to his Mom's. He backed out of the driveway and onto our little country road... Then he felt it. He hit our cat. Maddy was in my room playing on my floor so she didnt see any of it(thank goodness). Marc came running towards the house with tears rolling down his face. All he said was Im sooo sorry. I went in to tell Maddy. It was "her" kitty. That was one of the hardest things to do. After we all calmed down a bit, she wanted to tell "Bandit" goodbye. We buried her in the backyard. . Jesse was so sweet and found a cement block. We all painted a little note for her on the block and placed it on top of her grave. I know you must think it's so silly but Its hard to lose a pet. She was "our" pet and friend. We'll miss you Bandit!


  1. Oh NO - I am so sorry Susie - and how awful for Marc. What a horrible feeling he must have felt when it happened. For a man to go through that it is hard - especially if it was his daughter Maddy's cat. I am just so sorry - I'm in tears reading this post. Poor sweet Maddy - it will all be better soon, but for now I know you must all be very saddened.
    I am thinking of you and praying for all of you -
    Hugs my dear friend - Sherri


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