It's Friday....

Im so glad that Friday is here! That means I can sleep late in the morning. My sweet husband will be home and my kido's will be out of school. I just love friday's!!! We didnt go out to eat last night. We stayed in and had hotdogs. Yes, I know what you are thinking, Yuk. Every year we go somewhere for the weekend. This year we may just take our weekend get-a-way later. With me being sick I just didnt have the get up and go. I think we may go out to eat sometime this weekend. Im not into all of that rush and wait for hours to get a table. It's nice getting older. You just dont sweat the small stuff. My sweetie brought me flowers. I didnt expect them at all but was so glad to get them. I know it's mushie to get flowers but it makes me feel like such a "Lady". It's just sweet and I like it! Today I think I will work on getting my house back in order. After two weeks of feeling yuk it's time to clean house! Hope this blog finds all of you with a smile on your face and a sweet song in your heart! xoxox, Susie


  1. Susie..lovely roses..your honey is sweet!!
    TAke care of you..and enjoy a relaxing day!!

  2. I'm sick too.Bad timing but what can you do? We watched a movie on DVD and my DH got burgers. I managed to make valentine cake but it took it all out of me.

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