I won!!!

Can you believe I won something. I never win but I did today. Yeah for me. I knew it was going to be a good Friday. I guess you want to know what I won... Sher from the Antique Paperie drew my number. Im not sure but I think it's a bunch of really neat goodies. I cant wait to see her pretty tags. I love all of her work that she does. She is always changing too. Every time I pull up her site she has something new. I cant wait to show all of you my goodies when they come in. Thanks Sher, You made my day!


  1. YAY!!! Sooooo happy that you won the Giveaway. Since you said you were not sure of what you won, here is an idea: There are little Trinkets like a Vintage style Glass Jar, Creative Cards for Journaling, Mini Bird's Nest, Bag of Pink Hearts, Handmade Journal, Altered Art Plaque - and a Paula Deen Magazine!! Of course some Antique Paperie tags... I can't wait til you get it all in - Talk to you soon, Hope you have a great weekend!!
    xoxo Sher

  2. Woohoo Susie !!! Anything from Sherri is always wonderful !
    Congratulations !

  3. Hi Susie, I've enjoyed your blog and your pictures so much and i'll be back..You have a wonderful family..and you do some really neat things! I am so sorry about your kitty! I lost one this month too and it is hard. Thanks for visiting me, taking the time to write and for your suggestions also. Much appreciated! Collage is something I am really enjoying, I'm pretty new at it but hope to do many more..Still working on that one but about got it finished I think.. Glad to see you won a givaway too. It is exciting ! I won one this past week too from Alice at Painted White.. and I usually never win anything ! Talk to ya later.. thanks again! claudia

  4. Well.....you are WAY too fortunate my friend~!!! HA!
    I'm going to have to write Sher and ask her to throw in some stuff for me since it's coming south. HA!

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