He's back...

My sweets had to leave for a buisness trip on Tuesday.I really miss him when he's gone. Not to worry though, my bed was full that night. Kaylee and Madison wanted to make sure I had plenty company. Sleeping with those two are always a joy. Kaylee woke in the middle of the night with her left ear hurting. So that was a trip to the Dr. yesterday. Well my sweets made it back home last night. Even if it was just one night alone I still missed him. He even came home with a present for me. Have I told yall lately that "I love that man".... Im blessed. Well enough of that! It's raining here and just icky... I will run some errands and hope to get home to cook. Hope the sun is out where you are. Smiles, Susie


  1. Hi Susie! I always used to get sad when hubby left on business for overnight or weekends. He used to run a Mobile Home Company in Texas and would go on trips for business, and it just made me so nervous!! I watched lots of movies late into the night when he was away. Thankfully, he has not had to do that in Oregon. Earaches are the worst - I hate it when my youngest gets one, I feel so bad because you know they are hurting.
    Hope you have a wonderful day - XOXO Sherri

  2. Hi Susie, hope your little one feels better. There is nothing as sad as a "middle of the night earache". It's always a happy day when they outgrow those ear infections. Smiles your way,Paula

  3. ugh....sorry to hear about the earache. Hope that is getting all worked out. Glad your hubby is home. Mine used to travel alot more in and out of the country even. He's not doing that right now..but I know how it feels to be home with the kiddos.
    It was rainy where I was yesterday...."wink, wink." HA!
    Hang in there....


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