Here we go again!

My dearest husband came home with fever tonight. Will this sickness ever end? I have washed sheets, opened windows, scrubbed from ceiling to floor. What more can a person do! Im not sure if it's the flu like I had. I do know he came straight in took a bath and went to bed. My poor sweetie... He looks so sad. I am lucky though. He is not like most men and complains all day. When he is sick just let him be. I pray that he shakes this soon. Spring!! Will you ever come?


  1. I hope that he gets well soon. Lucky you that he don't complain. my husband, when he is sick, you know every ache and pain or sniffle that he has for the duration of his sickness. It's terrible!

  2. I don't know what the deal is.....mine is very sick right now too. Ugh. He's not complaining either but he's not taking good care of himself...I have to make sure he takes vitamins and drinks enough water, etc.
    Stress lowers our immune systems you know....

  3. On reading this post, I was reminded of a youtube video I saw on another blog. It was hilarious! Anyway, it's titled "the man cold!" should you ever want to watch it and be amused, although it sounds like your husband is not like the men portrayed in that video.


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