Give Thanks..

Today started out bright and warm. As the day grew on the sun started to fade and the clouds rolled in. The temp. is getting a bit colder as well. Around this time of year I just long for spring. Im ready to smell the sweet scent of cut grass and honeysuckle. We may have some time to go yet before the warm weather sets in. I need to learn to find beauty in all of God's seasons. It's just so hard to look out and see dead grass and bare trees. So with all of that being said... I give thanks for even the cold yuk days of winter. Maybe a cup of hot coco will lift my spirits some.


  1. WEIRD weather today friend sent me an e-mail from
    St. Francisville and said she was "skeered"...I didn't even know there was "weather" coming....ha! They always get bad weather up there thoug for some odd reason. We had major winds and rain then it passed...thank gooooodness. I'm ready for Spring too my friend.
    Glad your feeling better.


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