Feeling better..

You never know what a blessing good health is until you feel like "poop". Sorry for the ugly word but that's just how I felt. I started feeling yuk late Sunday but just thought it was from being upset about our loss of our cat. Monday I made myself go to Hobby Lobby to pick up a few things I thought I had to have (yeah, right). As the day went on I felt worse. I started running fever and just couldnt get out of bed. I guess the flu? Jesse was sick last week with a bit of feverbut his only lasted two days. Last night I was still running fever and yuk. I'm out of bed this morning. I'm not 100% feeling better but I had to make myself get up. Being in the bed just makes you sore all over. I'm praying that the fever will end today and I can go back to work being a "MOM". My poor husband has his plate full at work and now me. Please keep my family in your prayers... I would hate to pass this stuff around.I miss all of my dear sweet friends in blog land. Take care..., Susie


  1. I hate to hear you are not feeling well especially after the accident. How is Maddy doing? I hope that everyone starts having much better days! I am thinking of you guys & praying for you!
    xoxo Sher

  2. Hey Suzie,
    I'm "tagging" you to write "13 Things I Have Done That Are Pretty Awesome" on your blogsite.
    I was tagged today by someone and did it. I've never done this before nor been tagged so I am all new at this stuff.....ugh.
    So if you need anything let me know....now you go girl.....then "tag" someone else I guess. HA! I hope you feel better!!!!

  3. I am so sorry about your kitty. I didn't know.When I brought Kay home I noticed how Saint Francis leaves a comforting shadow on your house. Ooooh Susie, I love how your sink area looks with your sign. My mom is moving to Gonzales. Apple is going to work in Canada and he has to live in a dorm. Anyway, she wants to buy a board for her new apartment that they will rent by Tanger. I still OWE-OWE-OWE you for my last two. I haven't decided where to hang them. I want to open a Susie gallery! Kellie

  4. Hi Susie,
    I am so sorry you had been sick. I hope you didnt have the dreaded!! SV. But you didnt say you did, so that is a good sign! Please email me if you need anything. I cant wait for this season to end. I am tired of being depressed and scared.


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