Spring Shopping..

After a good spring cleaning I needed to add a little more spring to my nest.The Royal Standard is one of my favorite little shops. I found a few items that a girl just cant live without. No, not a new pair of shoes but cloche's. I found two!!! Oh my oh my. I just love these things. Im not sure what I want in them just yet. I also found this darling little chick. He nestled in just fine on the table. Yes, more eggs... I also found this lovely paper towel holder and a mail holder. What a fun day of shopping. Now I must get back to work... Dont forget ladies to check out Miss Sherri at The Antique Paperie. Her Grand Opening is tommorow! She is a bit under the weather today so you might want to pop in and wish her well. Have a sunny day, Susie

Spring cleaning...

After a month of family sickness it was time to pull out the "big guns". No more just cleaning at it. I cleaned it from the ceiling to the floor. Yes ladies, even the ceiling fans, yuk. No more Mr. nice guy just using good ole pinesol. It was on! I dont think there is a place in this house that I didnt touch. Well maybe... the closets will wait for another day. I dont think Mr. Germ made his way that far. After an all day cleaning bonanza it was my time just to sit back, light a candle and veg. Waking up this morning to a spotless house was just what the Dr.ordered. After the kids went to school and My sweet's went to work I started in on craft day. Im getting ready for two back to back shows and Mrs. Sherri at The antique paperie is allowing me to be her guest artist. So if you get around to it check out her site. It's yummy with all of her sweet tag's. Now it's time to cook. My job is never done:). xoxo, Susie

More finds...

Look what I found.....

My sister and I went shopping on Saturday. Oh what fun we had! I cant seem to recall a shopping trip with her that I didnt like. Ok, well maybe not all the time. hehe... Anyway I promised that I would show my goodies. First, the estate sale. Many things to look at but I stuck to what I needed. "Your welcome, sweetie". I found some of the neatest vintage books. Oh my oh my, what a find. The pictures are all to die for. I will show you just a couple. On to the Red Door... It's only the best store in Baton Rouge. Look at the sweetest little birds nest. Tucked in it is tiny fern, moss and even bity feather's. How cute is that! On to Hobby Lobby to find eggs and more eggs. Thanks for taking a peep. Hope your weekend was as fun! xoxo, Susie

Sorry no pictures..

I know... I promised picture's of my estate sale finds. Guess what? I didnt get to it today. What I did get done was... clean my fridge,microwave,and oven. Now thats something to be proud of! Now I'm going to read a bedtime story to my little one. Hope everyone get's a goodnight kiss from their sweetie and has sweet dreams. Till tommorow my friends... Goodnight, Susie

Fun day...

What a fun day I had! My sister and I went shopping . We started out at Hobby Lobby then found an estate sale. What neat things you can find at an estate sale. I will show photo's of my vintage finds on next post. Im just too pooped to take picture's. After the estate sale we stopped and had a wonderful lunch. Then off to more shopping.... I have so much fun spending time with her. Im blessed to have such a sweet person in my life. Tonight she started working on a blog for the first time. Im so exicited for her! When she gets it just how she wants it I will let everyone know so you can stop by and visit. Sweet dreams to all of you in blogland. This chick is headed for bed! xoxo, Susie
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Here we go again!

My dearest husband came home with fever tonight. Will this sickness ever end? I have washed sheets, opened windows, scrubbed from ceiling to floor. What more can a person do! Im not sure if it's the flu like I had. I do know he came straight in took a bath and went to bed. My poor sweetie... He looks so sad. I am lucky though. He is not like most men and complains all day. When he is sick just let him be. I pray that he shakes this soon. Spring!! Will you ever come?

He's back...

My sweets had to leave for a buisness trip on Tuesday.I really miss him when he's gone. Not to worry though, my bed was full that night. Kaylee and Madison wanted to make sure I had plenty company. Sleeping with those two are always a joy. Kaylee woke in the middle of the night with her left ear hurting. So that was a trip to the Dr. yesterday. Well my sweets made it back home last night. Even if it was just one night alone I still missed him. He even came home with a present for me. Have I told yall lately that "I love that man".... Im blessed. Well enough of that! It's raining here and just icky... I will run some errands and hope to get home to cook. Hope the sun is out where you are. Smiles, Susie


I got carried away and added the same picture twice. Looney me doesnt know how to take a picture off. Sorry

My oldest....

I guess Im in the Mommie mode this week. Yesterday was such a nice day spending time with Kaylee. I always feel a little sad when I only take one child. I know they need that special one on one time but as a Mom you just hate to leave the others out.Now dont get me wrong, Jesse did not feel left out a bit. Shopping is not his thing unless it's checking out the new Bass Pro Shop or Cabella's. I guess what im trying to say is that its easy finding things to do with my daughters. With Jess being a 17yr old you have to get into his world. I have done my share of sitting in a Very Cold duck stand, Knee deep in water crabbing,or just getting covered in mud on a four wheeler. Maybe not what I would want to do everyday but if it means getting in his world that's what I do.He is one of those kids that is not scared to jump in and try something new. If he needs something fixed... he takes it apart. Scary now that he has his own truck! He's just a "good" kid. Im proud of him. It's not easy being a teenager in this world. So I guess I just needed to brag on my son a bit. His new love is welding. He is always bringing home a chunck of metal that he has made. He is quite good I must say. Thanks for taking the time and letting me brag a bit.. Jesse's Mom, xoxo Susie

What a fun day..

After a rough morning it turned into a great day. Kaylee and I went to church and had a great lunch at the Olive Garden. We then headed off to do some shopping. It was so much fun! Kay and I enjoyed trying on tons of clothes. We both ended up with a few nice things and big smiles on our faces. It's not often that we get a fun day alone like this. We came home with our feet hurting from wearing church shoes all day. My sweet husband knew that I was just shopped out so he did the grocery shopping. I love that Man!!! Today in church our Pastor said we should live in the day. We cant bring back tommorow and fix it. So today I shopped with my daughter and had lunch with her. I just enjoyed her. Before you know it she will be grown and will not have time. It was a good day!

I won!!!

Can you believe I won something. I never win but I did today. Yeah for me. I knew it was going to be a good Friday. I guess you want to know what I won... Sher from the Antique Paperie drew my number. Im not sure but I think it's a bunch of really neat goodies. I cant wait to see her pretty tags. I love all of her work that she does. She is always changing too. Every time I pull up her site she has something new. I cant wait to show all of you my goodies when they come in. Thanks Sher, You made my day!

It's Friday....

Im so glad that Friday is here! That means I can sleep late in the morning. My sweet husband will be home and my kido's will be out of school. I just love friday's!!! We didnt go out to eat last night. We stayed in and had hotdogs. Yes, I know what you are thinking, Yuk. Every year we go somewhere for the weekend. This year we may just take our weekend get-a-way later. With me being sick I just didnt have the get up and go. I think we may go out to eat sometime this weekend. Im not into all of that rush and wait for hours to get a table. It's nice getting older. You just dont sweat the small stuff. My sweetie brought me flowers. I didnt expect them at all but was so glad to get them. I know it's mushie to get flowers but it makes me feel like such a "Lady". It's just sweet and I like it! Today I think I will work on getting my house back in order. After two weeks of feeling yuk it's time to clean house! Hope this blog finds all of you with a smile on your face and a sweet song in your heart! xoxox, Susie

Our Happy Day...

What love means to me..

This Valentines day brings alot of sweet memories to mind. I remember the first time I saw Marc. Im not sure what he was wearing but I can bet you he knows what I had on. I guess that's one thing I love soo much about him. He remembers! He always forgets things around the house, papers for work, and what I need from the store but the important stuff... He never forgets. He is always by my side. He loves me even when Im not that loveable. We have been through so much together. We have both lost people that were very close to us. We are living with teenagers.... If you can get through that, Wow. You can make it! Im blessed to have Marc in my life. I pray that wherever lifes journey takes us we go side by side. There is no person on this earth that I would rather walk hand in hand with. Valentines day is not about cards and flowers. It's about "true love". The kind of love you just cant pick up at the dime store. The kind of love when your sick with the flu and He still wants to lay by your side. That's true love my friend. I hope we have many more sweet years to come. I love you Marc.... Your Bride

Give Thanks..

Today started out bright and warm. As the day grew on the sun started to fade and the clouds rolled in. The temp. is getting a bit colder as well. Around this time of year I just long for spring. Im ready to smell the sweet scent of cut grass and honeysuckle. We may have some time to go yet before the warm weather sets in. I need to learn to find beauty in all of God's seasons. It's just so hard to look out and see dead grass and bare trees. So with all of that being said... I give thanks for even the cold yuk days of winter. Maybe a cup of hot coco will lift my spirits some.

Feeling better..

You never know what a blessing good health is until you feel like "poop". Sorry for the ugly word but that's just how I felt. I started feeling yuk late Sunday but just thought it was from being upset about our loss of our cat. Monday I made myself go to Hobby Lobby to pick up a few things I thought I had to have (yeah, right). As the day went on I felt worse. I started running fever and just couldnt get out of bed. I guess the flu? Jesse was sick last week with a bit of feverbut his only lasted two days. Last night I was still running fever and yuk. I'm out of bed this morning. I'm not 100% feeling better but I had to make myself get up. Being in the bed just makes you sore all over. I'm praying that the fever will end today and I can go back to work being a "MOM". My poor husband has his plate full at work and now me. Please keep my family in your prayers... I would hate to pass this stuff around.I miss all of my dear sweet friends in blog land. Take care..., Susie

Maddy and Bandit

It's a sad day today...

After a late night on the computer(trying to figure a few things out). I decided to go to bed, way too late. Wouldn't you know it... I was up early. Too many things running through my head. So I decided just to get up and start the day. I did get some cleaning done and my sister came over so we could take a walk. Anyway.... Marc and Madison were up and started in on the outside cleaning. Marc had loaded a few things in his truck to return to his Mom's. He backed out of the driveway and onto our little country road... Then he felt it. He hit our cat. Maddy was in my room playing on my floor so she didnt see any of it(thank goodness). Marc came running towards the house with tears rolling down his face. All he said was Im sooo sorry. I went in to tell Maddy. It was "her" kitty. That was one of the hardest things to do. After we all calmed down a bit, she wanted to tell "Bandit" goodbye. We buried her in the backyard. . Jesse was so sweet and found a cement block. We all painted a little note for her on the block and placed it on top of her grave. I know you must think it's so silly but Its hard to lose a pet. She was "our" pet and friend. We'll miss you Bandit!