I know... too many blogs in one day can make a girl crazy. My poor husband is going to give me a time out. I did get one thing on my list done today. I painted my sign.Now the question is... where do I put it. Im thinking back on top of my cabinets. Now I can say I did do something today and I even shared it with my friends. On to number job no. 2 on my list. Oh, before I let you go... Is there anyone out there that could explain to me how you put your names on your photos. I think that is sooo neat. smiles....


  1. Susie - try doing a search on Free Photoshop Downloads off of the Internet (Altavista Search is better than Google) - I use photoshop for my photos sometimes. Also, here is a very cool Website that you can have your own "Signature" for your Blog.
    Go to: www.mylivesignature.com

    It's really neat!!
    Hope I helped sweets -
    xo Sherri

  2. Hey,
    Glad your husband made it back. Now he can get on the "honey do" list HA! I liked your sign. Good work. Ugh. Don't worry I am soooo not good at the photo stuff. But I'm not selling anything either so that makes a big difference.
    Did you get my e-mail address sent to you via e-blogger? Not sure if it came to you or not but I tried to send it. I hate to put it out here online.

    Anyhow...try to not read blogs and get your "list" done. HA!HA! They are so addictive.
    Especially if your working on your own as well...then if you look at someone elses...then you hit another and another and it just goes on from there. Crazy!!
    Be blessed,

  3. Hi Susie! I am so happy you posted on my blog! My gosh, we sound like the same person with regards to this phobia! I too have had it all my life! It is awful and hinders me from doing so many things that I want to do. I too almost didnt have children because of it! Then once I got through the first pregnancy, I wasnt so afraid. But having kids is so hard for me because of all the viruses they pick up at school! Yesterday my son came home and told me someone got sick in the hallway at school and I have been a mess since! I wanted to keep them home so bad today all because of it! I am just a mess during the winter months! It feels like I am drowning and it is never going to end! I too have wanted to just die to get away from it and the fears. And I also feel like i am being punished! Even when one if my kids is sick with it, I feel like I did something wrong and that is why they are sick!!! How terrible and selfish this phobia is. I dream about it at least once a week!! Lets keep in touch and be of support to each other. I am so happy to finally have "met" someone who KNOWS what it feels like! My family and friends just dont understand. Please email me anytime :) amy@ockert.ws

    Oh and I love your blog, lol!!


  4. Hi Susie,

    Thanks for the visit to my website! :) I love this sign, very frech chic...


  5. Hummmm.....e-blogger should have sent it to you but here it is regardless. :-)

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