This morning..

Please keep my Dad in your prayers.He will be having double knee surgery today. Im sure it will be a long recovery for him. He is 71 and is in pretty good health. Sooo ,if you dont hear from me from time to time I will have my hands full. One good thing about it is he lives next door. After about a week in the hospital he will come back home. I can jump between houses for a bit. Thanks for your prayers. I think we will all need them(smile). Till next time, Susie


  1. Yikes! I can't believe they are doing BOTH knees at the same time. least it will be over and done with and they say that once you have your knees done....that they work fabulous!!!
    I will be praying for your Daddy.
    Be blessed,
    P.S....Hey there are TWO "Royal Standards" you know?? But one can get a person into enough trouble. HA!


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