Now dont get me wrong, I adore my family BUT... When Monday rolls around Im glad to get my house back(smile). We all stayed in most of the weekend. Im just not one to get out if it's yuk. I did take the dreaded trip to "Wally World" so I should be set for the week. I worked on my plaques a little. I still have to the sand the edges, drill holes,and string the ribbons. I was able to get my lovely husband to hang my clock in my foyer,yeah. It has been laying on the floor for some time now. I went on a painting expo and that was one thing that needed to be put back. After getting three kids off to school and a husband to work its peaceful again. My plans for the day... Have lunch with Madison, she loves that! I bought an old ceiling tile from a cute little shop in town. Some of you may have seen the others that I made, posts ago.Well, I saved the big one for myself. I want to paint a word on it. Not sure of the word yet. I would love to finish my plaques soon. I have a spring show coming up at Southdown Plantation in March. After that will be the GRAND show in Canton, Mississippi. I look forward to that one. Its always very nice. Well Guess I better start on my list. The sun is showing it's sweet little face today. That put's a smile on my face. Hope the sun is out wherever you may be. Your friend, Susie


  1. Hi Susie,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a sweet comment. You know, tea is very relaxing... and healthy!
    Best wishes with your big show.
    Warm regards, Karen

  2. Canton is SO fun......I haven't gone to craft shows in forever. Me and a few of my friends talk about going to Canton but ...we haven't made it thus far. When is it anyway? I don't know if my body can do that all day long though.
    See ya!


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