My First,

This is my first attempt at a blog. Please excuse my lack of knowledge. My kids have given up the cause in helping me out. Try, Try, Try, I will get it right one day! I made it through the holidays in one piece. I love Christmas and all of the love and joy and meaning behind it. Sometimes I get so caught up in all of the decorating and gift buying I forget what it all stands for. Well the "Big Day" has passed and the tree is down. What now? I guess I will try my hand at this blog. It seems like alot of fun. I could spend hours reading them. I will have to learn to set limits for myself. My goals for the new year...1. Be a better parent, wife, daughter, and sister. 2. lose weight 3. spend more time with family 4. Stop feeling guilty! 5. get my business up and going! 6. make new friends last but not least Pray more , worry less! They say it takes about one month to get into a habit.. whewww I have a ways to go

smiles, Susie


  1. Hey Susie! I have been keeping up with you. What happened to the lovely pictures I love so much of all three of the kids? You should add them on a new blog since you have a new home page. Maddie leaned backwatds from her seat at lunch yesterday to catch my attention! See you. Kel


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