My cutie pa tootie..

Last weekend I spent the whole day trying to get one cute picture of Maddy. She just doesnt like to have her picture taken. Ugh!!! She is so cute and when she does let me get a shot it comes out so good. Well on this day it just wasnt gonna happen! I was able to get just a few (without tears) that I could use. I know what your thinking... just buy valentines cards at the store. Thats too easy. My best friend lives in Houston now. She is a wonderful self taught photographer. Im so proud of how far she has come. She has that eye for the perfect picture. She will be opening her new studio soon. Yeah!!! Well, she takes my pictures and adds these great cards to them. I know, How sweet is that! You can check her out at Hope everyone is staying warm and dry. We will be staying in for the day Im sure. Maddy is not feeling well. Her nose is stuffy. Its so cold here but this weekend Im sure it will be hot. The joys of living in the south! keep smiling, Susie


  1. Hey Suzie,
    YES! It is a "small" I wasn't at the Chick brunch.
    We have a LOT of friends over there (HPCand other churches as well, but we go somewhere else.
    Wow that is amazing about your son.
    I am sure that was a very scary time when he was going through all that. Ugh. I hate to even think of that.
    I'm FREEEEEZING tonight. I don't know about you all but I can not seem to get warm enough. I've had a crazy day and I think.....I'm going to BED early! HA!
    Keep your little family warm and I hope that Maddy feels better..I'm getting a few sniffles myself tonight. Blah! Talk to you soon..oh did you see Sherri's post about people saying mean things to her? I hate that. She's not going to take comments or post for awhile because of it apparently.
    What's up with that?
    I can't find anyway to
    e-mail her and encourage her....ugh. Let's pray for her. Poor thing.....let me know if you know how to get ahold of her and I will write her a note.
    Be blessed!

  2. One of my good, good, friends goes on Saturday nights there. The worship is good there...yes and TONS of people. HA! We go to a tiny, little church. But I go to things over there with my friends at times too when I am able too. We went there for many years then felt we were to go to this other place long story.....but it's all good.
    Yeah, I just feel bad for Sherri. I can't find anyway to get her on her site, she must have removed it.
    By the way I am going to send you my e-mail address....send me yours...don't do it online though mail it instead. Mine should come to you via E-blogger if I do this thing right. HA!
    Talk to you later!

  3. Suzie,
    Do you read this blog too??
    Please pray for Deena....I'm so sad for her. She has alot of courage. I'm going to write something on my blog about her tomorrow when I get a chance. Check it out....

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